Loophole to get Eat Out To Help Out deal without sitting in restaurant

For those wanting to take advantage of the Eat Out To Help Out scheme without actually having to sit in the restaurant, a ‘brilliant’ loophole has been discovered.

Speaking to Ruth Langsford and Eamonn Holmes on Monday’s This Morning from a KFC branch in Swindon, Alice Beer explained a clever way to avoid sitting in a restaurant, while taking advantage of the scheme at the same time.

‘Are you telling me if I turn up to go around a drive-thru, I am paying double on a Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday than I would if I parked the car and went indoors,’ Eamonn quizzed.

To which Alice simply replied: ‘Yes, absolutely.

‘But, of course, there’s going to be little loopholes. If you park the car and go inside and say “yes I am going to have my takeaway here” and you sit down and as soon as their backs are turned, hoof it back to your car, they’re not going to come running after you.’

‘How can they? They can’t manage this, they can’t police this, so of course, there are loopholes which I am sure customers will find,’ she added.

Today is the day that Eat Out To Help Out launches in the UK – the Government-backed scheme to get people eating in cafes and restaurants following the coronavirus lockdown.

The scheme will offer customers 50 per cent off the cost of a meal – up to a maximum of £10 – off per head when eating out at a participating venue from Mondays-Wednesdays in August.

Many This Morning viewers were loving the segment, with many taking to Twitter afterwards to share their thoughts.

One said: ‘They love pointing out loopholes on This Morning I hadn’t even thought of that.’

Another tweeted: ‘Everyone watching This Morning now know a Loophole… great tv people!’

While another simply added: ‘Brilliant.’

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