Loose Women star on Harry and Meghan ’sinisterly’ damaging royals

Harry & Meghan: Carol McGiffin says she’s ‘boycotting’ series

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On Thursday’s instalment of Loose Women, the panellist was dissecting the latest three episodes of Harry and Meghan’s documentary. 62-year-old Carol McGiffin refuses to watch any of the series as the claims they’re damaging the Royal Family.

This week saw the final release of Harry and Meghan’s documentary following the first three episodes dropping last Thursday.

In the six episodes, the Duke and Duchess touch on how they first met, Meghan trying to adjust to royal life and allegations of no support from the Royal Family.

Although royal sources have since come forward quashing claims Meghan had no support, Buckingham Palace and other members of the family are yet to respond.

Speaking about the documentary on Loose Women, Carol admitted she wasn’t going to be watching it as she was fed up with them both.

She said: “They originally left the UK to go and live in America to go and preserve their privacy and what they’ve done is they’ve sold it to Netflix and now trying to make everyone interested in their story.

“This is what annoys me about it, just watching that little clip there. It is their story and if they want to tell it they can tell it I don’t really care.

“Don’t try and make me interested and don’t try and manipulate me into thinking that what you’re saying is necessarily true because there is no other side to that story.”

The Loose Women star said that Harry and Meghan are aware that the Royal Family don’t respond to things like this.

She added: “They know they can do what they like and the thing is, I don’t know if I believe it or not. I don’t care, that’s the point.”

Carol confessed to the live audience that when she was told by the Loose Women bosses she had to watch the documentary as they’d be talking about it on the show, she refused.

The panellist continued: “I don’t mind talking about it, but I do think there’s something quite sinister in what they’re doing in that they do appear to be trying to damage the Royal Family.

“There is absolutely no real reason for them to keep saying what they’re saying all the time. What is the point? What is their point?”

Her co-star Charlene White mentioned that if she wanted to know Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s points, then she needed to watch the documentary.

Adamant she didn’t want to see the six-part series, Judi Love informed her that she makes an appearance in one of the episodes.

Telling Carol that the Netflix documentary has been watched by 28 million people, they joked that she’s made it now.

Gobsmacked, she replied: “What am I actually in it?! Oh my god, I might watch it now. Seriously, I’m in it? Oh my god thank you, Harry and Meghan.”

In Meghan’s Oprah Winfrey interview, she revealed having suicidal thoughts which were explored more in their Netflix documentary.

Her mum, Doria, confessed it broke her heart to see her daughter’s spirit get constantly picked at by “vultures”.

Getting emotional, she said: “I remember her telling me that, that she’d wanted to take her own life. And that really broke my heart because I knew that it was bad.”

Loose Women continues weekdays on ITV from 10am

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