Loose Womens Carol McGiffin cant let herself go because of toyboy husband

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Loose Women panelist Carol McGiffin has admitted that she wants to "give up on herself" but can't because her toyboy partner is 22 years her junior.

Kaye Adams hosted the show along with Carol and the pair were joined by Sunetra Sarker and Nadia Sawalha.

The panelists were discussing the "gran-fluencer" phenomenon, where the over sixties have taken TikTok by storm with their unapologetic fashion and bold attitudes.

The Loose Women poked fun at Carol McGiffin for her age and said that she had begun "wearing elasticated trousers".

Carol also said that she has "never looked on TikTok" but the trend is a "good thing" as people have preconceptions about the over sixties.

She then turned to Kaye as noted that the host is approaching 60, which Kaye quickly denied.

Her co-stars fought to argue and Kaye made the point that she's "not now" 60, but "isn't bothered".

The panelists then joked that they "demand a recount".

Carol then said that it is "good to break the stereotypes" of the older generation, which caused her fellow Loose Women to poke fun at her "pyjama" outfit.

Nadia then pointed out that Carol has always said she "can't wait to give up on herself," which made them laugh.

The 62-year-old then joked: "I do want to give up on myself! I can't because my husband is 22 years younger than me, so it's not possible! I can't let go yet!"

McGiffin said that he would "have to leave her first" before she decides to do anything drastic.

Nadia then went on to say that people "shouldn't stereotype themselves" due to their "inner ageism" caused by societal expectations.

The former EastEnders actress admitted that she has found herself questioning whether items of clothing are "mutton" but whenever her parents come to her house, they "always make her smile" because they wear the "most fabulous colours" and "there is nothing invisible about them".

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