Lorraine expert slams WAGatha case as having damaged both their reputations

Lorraine Kelly spoke to two experts on her ITV daytime show about the WAGatha Christie case and one made a scathing comment about the women involved.

Lorraine was joined by Antonia and Lauren who gave their thoughts on the ongoing case.

Antonia gave a brief overview of the proceedings and informed Lorraine and her audience as to what is next in the court process.

Both parties have now given their closing statements and the judge will take time to deliberate over the findings, before handing down her decision.

Lorraine then turned to Lauren and asked what her advice would have been in this situation, to which she said she would have urged them “not to go to court”.

The host jokingly thanked her for her response and said that the pair should have “sat down with a bottle of Prosecco” and “gotten over themselves”.

Lauren thinks they should “hug and move on”.

Lorraine then wondered how the WAGs could recover from this situation and Lauren responded with a cutting remark.

She said: “Regardless of the outcome, I think both of their reputations are destroyed. Coleen will definitely come out a bit better than Rebekah.”

Lauren continued: “People are really upset about the money [rather than] the actual reason [for the court case].”

Lorraine noted that the proceedings have cost millions of pounds before Lauren continued on to “recommend” that Rebekah “visit schools” to “talk about mental health and cyberbullying”.

She then urged the WAG to be “quite upfront about it”.

Lauren then slammed Rooney and Vardy: “It’s an awful lot of money to have spent to make your reputation even worse.”

Lorraine viewers took to Twitter to share their own thoughts on the proceedings.

One asked “how [Coleen and Rebekah] will ever recover from this” while another said that they were “sick of hearing about it”.

They went on to say that the women “could have sorted the issue out between themselves,” branded the situation as “pathetic” and said they are “loving the attention”.

Another even speculated that they will make money “from being on shows, book promotions, ‘sob stories’ and reality shows,” before asking the pair to “give it a rest”.

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