Lorraine fans cringe as woman ‘unimpressed’ after being given dramatic makeover

Lorraine Kelly saw a guest on the show today be given a dramatic transformation by resident fashion expert Mark Heyes, as she was nominated by her friend

Lorraine looked thrilled as she looked at the brand new look at the end of the show, but the woman didn't seem very happy with the look.

Starting off the show with a purple t-shirt, she walked out with a green top, jacket and skirt as she showed off the new look for the camera.

While Lorraine called her "elegant and trendy", viewers took to social media to point out that the woman didn't look very impressed.

One fan wrote: "She doesn’t look very happy hahaha."

Another added: "Yup. She looks impressed."

A third chipped in: "Isn't she gorgeous, they said that before the makeover. She looks like she dressed herself in the dark."

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