Love Island 2019: Arabella Chi’s arrival exposes huge problem with ITV2… again

Love Island fans are probably getting bored of wishing for a more diverse cast as their wishes fail to have been answered once more with the arrival of Arabella Chi. 

The model, 28, from London, is undoubtedly stunning and has even made a career as a film star. 

However, it’s just all a bit… meh. Once more, Iain Stirling announces a “bombshell”, and once more, it’s another slender model. 

Don’t believe me? Look at the guys. Earlier in the week, two new men entered the villa and were both… yes, you’ve guessed it, models. 

Jordan Hames and Tom Walker are equally as stunning, boasting their impressive six packs and biceps which have more muscle content than my entire body.

But it’s just not very exciting now, is it? They have slotted in perfectly with the rest of the Love Island cast and I do mean by looks. 

The villa is full to the brim of smoking hot males and females, who parade around in their bikinis, showcasing their bodies on a day-to-day basis.

However, there’s just no real interest. Each body is incredibly similar, with barely a curve in sight. 

All Arabella’s arrival has gone to show is Love Island hasn’t quite been brave enough to stick a plus-sized model in just yet. 

Fans were promised there would be a “more diverse cast” in 2019, but it just hasn’t happened yet. 

Producers have had the perfect chance to introduce a plus sized contestant, either male or female, throughout the series, and now we’re a substantial way through, there hasn’t been any sign of anyone yet. 

Before Love Island started, it was strongly rumoured that Jada Sezer would be joining at some point. She’s a 30-year-old, size 16 body confidence speaker who would certainly make an impact in the villa, but where is she?

It’s not as if Love Island bosses aren’t aware of the call for more curves, as a representative for ITV previously told :”TV celebrates diversity of every sort across our range of programmes and this year’s Love Islanders come from a diverse range of backgrounds with a mix of personalities.”

However, let’s look at the current cast and how they quite literally shape up. Well, there has been one contestant who could be classed as “curvy”. Anna Vakili has set viewers’ pulses racing, because of course she’s gorgeous, but she actually has thighs. 

Viewers have been calling out for real bodies, especially after Arabella’s casting. One shared: “You know for once @LoveIsland it would be nice to see a plus size woman/man go into the villa, I have never seen one stretch mark not fat roll since this programme started and that’s sad because I think that’s a normal body type aswell as the slim, toned type that they all have..” 

A second raged: “@LoveIsland Waiting for the year you have genuine plus girls in their… as in size 16 or even 14 with rolls and normal bodies and men with dad bods! Why do you cast everyone who have flat stomachs and men who clearly work out.  viewer count I guess…”

A third pointed out: “Come on @LoveIsland Let’s see a plus size woman and a normal bloke with body hair and a dad bod… I’m sick of every new contestant being a model and / or a social influencer.”

Even celebrities have been quick to call out Love Island on the issue, with Dancing On Ice and X Factor Star Jake Quickenden sharing: “I truly think love island would be much better banter and more watchable if you just put “ normal people “ in….  not model after model after influencer after me brothers famous!! Like Dave who’s a builder and Tracey who works at the bookies… just an idea.”

Furthermore, the problem spans throughout the series. Over the past five seasons, there have been 138 contestants. In season one, 21.7 per cent of the 23 Islanders are classed as working as a model or a social media influencer. In 2019, there’s only been 19 contestants so far and a whopping 26.3 per cent of them hold that occupation. 

Granted, there is a scientist, pharmacist and firefighter in this series, but a large majority of the contestants just simply don’t class modelling as full-time profession. Lucie Donlan is listed as a surfer, yet her Instagram page is full of her lads mag pictures. This ultimately goes some way to adding to the problem. 

There’s nothing wrong with that, of course, but perhaps showcasing (not plus size) models throughout the series puts off those of differing careers even applying. 

Without different careers, the chances of having plus size models is directly limited by the seeming unwillingness to stray away from people who actually have diverse bodies as well. 

There is hope, however. With the series expected to end in early August, there’s still time to put a couple of unique and diverse bodies in there. 

Go on, Love Island. You know you want to. 

Love Island airs continues tonight on ITV2 at 9pm.

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