Love Island Anna’s lookalike sister tells haters to ‘shut their f***ing mouths’ as she mimes to VERY explicit lyrics – The Sun

LOVE Island Anna Vakili’s lookalike sister Mandi has lashed out at her critics, telling them: "Shut your f***ing stupid mouths."

Pharmacist Anna has come under fire from viewers who called her "poisonous" after she raged at Michael Griffiths for dumping her pal Amber Gill.

The 28-year-old has star also been branded a "hypocrite" by fans who said she did the same thing by swapping Ovie Soko for Jordan Hames – who she kissed last night.

But Mandi had a very strong reply to those viewers, posting a video from her car titled: "To all @annavakili_ haters."

She makes the chatting-mouth sign with her hand before giving the camera the finger as Stormzy's expletive-packed Shut Up played.

It went: "So shut your f***ing stupid mouths, chatting bare f***ing shit, shut the f*** up, shut your f***ing mouth."

She also posted a picture of her perched on a sofa clutching a glass of wine, giving the finger with her tongue stuck out of the side of her mouth.

Many fans have taken against Anna in recent days, with one posting: "If you cut Anna in half, she’ll just bleed poison. Horrible human being #loveisland."

Anna and her sister found fame on social media after they both went partying with two members of the Iranian football team.

They were originally set to be appear on Love Island together, with one insider dubbing them "the British Kardashian sisters".

However, in the end show bosses opted not to include Mandi, who works as a make-up artist.

Anna told The Sun the show had made a “huge mistake” by not casting Mandi and didn’t feel like celebrating after being told she had made the final line-up without her.

“When they told me, basically you’re going on but she’s not it was such a weird feeling. I couldn’t be excited because the whole way through we thought we were going to be together.

"My sister and I are like twins so I didn’t exactly sound happy because I was so upset for her."

She said she still hoped her sister might make an appearance, adding: “I would love if she came in.

"They made a huge mistake not to put her on – she’s so funny, they should have put her on and not me.

“We’re so good together. Ever since we were 21 people have told us we need our own TV show.

“We share everything together… apart from guys.”

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