Love Island fans confused over Lucas remark to Gemma

Love Island fans were once again left baffled by Luca Bish’s actions during Monday night’s episode of the popular ITV2 dating show, as he appeared to make a hypocritical comment while chatting to his partner, Gemma Owen.

The couple, who have been together for the majority of the competition, have seen some friction in recent days after Movie Night revealed a more jealous side to the fishmonger as he accused Gemma of flirting with Billy Brown.

Opening up about the feelings that had lead to an explosive showdown between the pair, Luca told the 19 year old: “Listen, I’ll start off. Do I think, we could have had a conversation about it and it could’ve gone a lot easier? Yeah I do."

"I overreacted, I’ll admit that," he went on. "But how I just got made out to be silly for asking a question when the kid was laying it on you. I think you were a bit naïve to what he was doing though.”

Interjecting, Gemma defended her stance, arguing that she was far from naïve. She told him: “I wasn’t naïve at all. He might’ve been flirting, but how is that…"

Cutting her off, Luca tried once again to explain his actions, adding: “Listen. You are, for me, the best looking girl here, and I’d be doing something wrong if I didn’t come here and try it with you. All I just want is clarity."

However Gemma refused to budge, hitting back at the idea that she was in the wrong for getting to know someone else, with or without a romantic connection. She argued: “I feel like, it’s getting to be now that I’m made to be the bad person. I still stand by every single thing I’ve done and said. I still agree with everything.”

While the exchange hoped to build a few bridges, fans at home were left confused by the hypocrisy of the comment, as Billy had merely been doing what Luca himself was by wanting to get to know the “best looking girl” in the villa.

“Not sure how Gemma is seeing Luca act like this and still want to be with him, especially after how he reacted to the Billy situation”, wrote one concerned fan on Twitter.

While another commented: “Luca projecting his insecurities and the fact he cheated in his last relationship onto Gemma is so transparent and laughable.”

A third fan also weighed in, adding: “Luca’s anger is so misdirected tbh, he was angry that Billy was flirting with Gemma but it’s Gemma he wants to take out his anger on? But he also wants a babes that “other people fancy” ok man.”

Meanwhile a fourth questioned the attitudes of the boys in general, as they added: “So it’s ok for Luca to use the phrases ‘It was only a peck’ and ‘it was only a three way kiss’ when the boys misbehaved in Casa but if Gemma has an innocent conversation he has a toddler tantrum, hypocrisy at its finest.”

Will their relationship manage to go the distance?

Love Island continues every night at 9pm on ITV2.

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