Love Island fans in hysterics as Connor admits he doesn’t know what a PA is – The Sun

LOVE Island arrival Connor Durman last night admitted he doesn’t know what a PA is – and fans were in hysterics.

The 25-year-old coffee bean salesmen from Brighton stunned viewers who couldn't believe he didn't know what the abbreviation for personal assistant stood for.

Connor was attempting to get to know Rochelle Humes' sister Sophie Piper after being coupled up together in the first show.

He asked: "So what do you do for work?"

"I'm a PA," she replied.

Connor said: "Are ya? I don't really know what that is."



Sophie laughed as she explained: "Oh, you know, like, a personal assistant."

Viewers didn't know what to make of the exchange. One said: "This dude Connor don’t know what a PA is, shambolic #LoveIsland."

Another added: "Connor will be renamed 'Mr Bean'. He’s also thick as f*** as doesn’t know what PA meant."

Someone else wondered: "How does Connor not know what a PA is??"

Another added: "Connor with his shining teeth, you don’t know what a PA is?"

The 25-year-old had an amusing first epsiode – even if he was standing out for the wrong reasons.

His bright veneers left viewers distracted and "squinting" at the telly, prompting hilarious memes.

Some compared him to a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle and Ross from TV sitcom Friends.

But Connor insisted that he'd had loads of attention from ladies since getting his new teeth in Thailand.

He said: "I do get a lot of attention from girls on nights out. I think mainly it's the teeth.

"I went to Thailand, found someone on google, a random dentist, flew there and just got them done.

"Honestly, these teeth have worked wonders for me."

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