Love Island: Georgia Harrison BLASTS Yewande Biala’s ‘childish’ behaviour after being dumped from the villa by Danny Williams

Hi lovelies!

Let's get straight into it, Danny did NOTHING wrong by picking Arabella – and in turn dumping Yewande.

The backlash that Danny got has been superbly ridiculous and I cannot for one second understand why everyone is hating on the guy. HELLO! The show is called Love Island! It's not Friend Island, or People You Used to Like Island, or Let's Couple Up Because the Public Want us to Island.

Everyone enters the villa looking for love and viewers need to remember that first and foremost. I've spoken to a few of the guys who did Love Island the same year as me, and they all agree that Danny has done nothing wrong.

When Josh Denzel coupled up with Kaz Crossley last year, people laid into him, but he made the right choice for him. Same thing happened when Jess Shears entered the villa and picked Dom Lever who was already coupled up with Montana Brown.

Again, viewers went mental but everyone makes the right choices for them at the time because that is the nature of the show.

You all know I was Team Yewande and wanted her to be happy, but if a man isn't interested in you then the best thing to do is simply move on.

Up until she got dumped I thought Yewande was composed and classy, but the way she reacted to Danny picking Arabella was just a bit childish.

She turned around to the girls and said something like "how dare he?!" – I'm sorry Yewande, but who do you think you are?

It's just a game, love, chill out. I predict that Amber is going to make things very difficult from now on for Danny and Arabella, but again she needs to just chill out.

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She should just concentrate on her own relationship with Michael, which is going well, and leave Danny and Arabella alone.

I really hope going forward that Yewande can mend her broken heart and doesn't let a romance on a TV show stop her from finding love, but right now everyone else needs to remember what Love Island is all about.

Speak to you soon,

Georgia xx

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