Love Island singles say they’re being kept awake by randy co-stars’ sex noises

Love Island 's singles have been complaining they are suffering sleepless nights due to their randy co-stars and their sex noises.

Lucie and Anton have both been complaining that their romping co-stars have been keeping them awake at night.

The pair are coupled up as friends and are sharing a bed in the main bedroom, but they are both being forced to listen as all the others get it on after the lights go out.

During tonight's Unseen Bits, Lucie griped that as soon as they all get into bed all she can hear is sloppy kissing and other noises as the couples "do bits".

It's also been keeping Anton awake as he also headed to the beach hut to complain about the loud noises that fill the bedroom after dark.

However, it's not just the singles who are disturbed by the extra loud romps.

Amber and Michael both said they get distracted by the loud sex coming from the other couples.

Tommy and Molly-Mae, and Amy and Curtis, are currently the only couples who have admitted they've done bits under the covers right nights to the other Islanders.

However, it looked like Danny and Arabella, and Anna and Jordan may have also had more than a quick fumble in the dark.

As well as all the sex noises, Michael joked that the other thing keeping everyone awak a night was "Curtis farting".

During tonight's show, there were also revelations from Tommy, who declared he believes in aliens and is convinced they will eventually replace humans to rule the earth.

The highlights episode also showed more of Tommy and Molly-Mae's date when the boxer struggled with riding a horse – much to the amusement of the social media star.

*Love Island continues Sunday night at 9pm on ITV2

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