Love Island: Yewande and Danny to have their first KISS as their romance blossoms

Love Island’s Danny and Yewande will have their first kiss on Friday’s episode.

The couple, who have been getting closer after Danny’s arrival into the vila earlier this week, cement their romance with a steamy kiss.

ITV teased a kiss between two mystery islanders on Thursday’s episode, showing Amber and Michael’s over-the-top reaction to the snog.

According to The Sun, the mystery couple has been revealed as Danny and Yewande.

  • Love Island teases KISS between mystery couple as fans speculate if it's Tommy Fury and Maura Higgins

Fans wondered if Danny was maybe turning his head towards Molly-Mae after she admitted to liking him as well.

He also voiced that he was unimpressed that Yewande laughed alongside the other girls during his dates with new girls Elma and Maura.

On Thursday’s episode he said: “The laughing thing? What was that about?”

Yewande then replied: “Do you know what it is it’s because they came in like really, really confident.

“I feel like they kind of set the atmosphere for themselves and anything after that was just a reaction of what happened.

“A reaction has a reaction, it’s just the laws of physics.”

Love Island continues at 9pm on ITV2.

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