Love Islands Summer left hurt as she confronts Dami for cooling off romance

TheLove Islandvilla was rocked with arecoupling after the Casa Amor sagaearlier on in the week.

The aftermath is still being felt withDami Hopewho chose to couple up with bombshell Summer Botwe, while his former flame Indiyah Polack chose Deji Adeniyi.

On Sunday’s episode, Dami and Indiyah declared that they still had feelings for each other, which led to a rather awkward chat between Dami and Summer.

The microbiologist cooled things off with business owner, telling her they should talk: "I feel like this is a bit difficult because I really like Indiyah a lot."

A visibly hurt Summer said: “So why did you do all that sh*t in Casa?"

Dami responded: "I'm trying to build a possible connection and explore new connections.

"It's a bit difficult and weird because my feelings are still there for her. I know it's not a nice situation. I'm sorry."

Viewers took to Twitter to share their thoughts on the situation: “I am on my knees begging Indiyah not to listen to Dami, the guy literally said “Summer’s not over”, he thought he was SICK #LoveIsland.”

Another said: “If it was always Indiyah then why did you pick Summer Dami?”

A this added: “Seeing the way Dami has discarded Summer would put me off even more. Women love believing they’re the exception but when you see men treat a woman badly they can do the same to you x10.”

While one questioned how far things between the pair went: “I was always going to pick you’ omg Dami needs to be exposed because he was moving fast with summer.”

Following the chat, Dami cuddled Summer in bed then went to sleep outside with Andrew Le Page – who is also in the bad books of one of the villa’s girls.

Meanwhile Dami told Indiyah: “It was always gonna be you for me. Even when you left and stuff, it was always gonna be you. There was a possible connection there with Summer but I don’t feel like the way I feel like when we’re together.

“It’s incomparable to what I feel we have. I feel like it is with you, and if it’s not gonna be with you it is what it is but I don’t feel like anyone else could come in and they’ll change the way I feel about you.”

The pair had a very awkward encounter afterboth chose to recouple with someone else.

Dami was far from pleased with Indiyah’s choice, despite having his new partner Summer sat by his side.

Addressing Dami’s unimpressed reaction, Indiyah said: “It is what it is.”

“Until it isn’t,” added Dami from the other side of the firepit.


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