Love Island’s Tyla Carr reveals her hair has grown back after childbirth made her go bald – The Sun

LOVE Island's Tyla Carr has revealed her hair is finally growing back after suffering from post-pregnancy bald patches.

The reality star, 26, began losing large clumps of hair after giving birth to son Archie last year.

She said her hair would fall out in the shower, leaving bald patches on her temples.

Tyla even stopped going to film premieres and showbiz events as she became so self conscious about her thinning hair.

However, the reality star is finally feeling confident again.

She said: "I don’t have to hide my hair any more. I was going to events and I was worried about people taking photos, because after having Archie I had these two big bald patches on both side of my head by my hair line, and I also didn’t realise that I had even bigger balder patches around my ear.

“But now it’s all grown back. It’s insane, I’ve been taking these Hair Gain tablets for over eight weeks now and I’m so thrilled with the results.”

Back in July, Tyla opened up about her hair loss, admitting it had been "horrendous" since giving birth to Archie in December 2018.

The former villa star, revealed: “I had always had lovely thick hair and it grew even more luscious when I was pregnant with Archie.

“But that all changed when I stopped breastfeeding. I began to notice clumps of hair coming out in the shower in the morning, blocking up the plughole.

She added: “And there was so much hair around the house I used to joke that I would fill up the Hoover bag.

"I am desperate to get it sorted.

“Your hair is such an integral part of your beauty routine and it was devastating to see how thin and lacklustre it looked with bald patches around the temples."

Desperate to find a solution, Tyla researched a range of remedies online before another mum recommended GROW by Hair Gain which had restored her hair when it fell out after she suffered from anxiety.

I’m so excited to finally share the results of my hair growth journey with you since taking Hair Gain @hairgainnow. I am literally in love with this product. My bald patches are no longer and I can’t believe how quickly I’ve seen such amazing results. My confidence is through the roof again and my hair is even thicker than it was before I got pregnant. So many of you have reached out to me about suffering from post-partum hair loss and I’m so happy to be able to recommend you something that really works. Although this is an #ad this product has honestly changed my life.

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It contains powerful phytonutrients which can deliver fuller, thicker hair in just one month for women suffering hair loss for a number of reasons including stress, anxiety, hormone changes, pregnancy or getting older.

Tyla said: “They are completely a natural and vegan supplements derived from pea shoots, I taken two a day after a meal in the evening.”

The 26-year-old called it quits with boyfriend Rossco Edmonds just seven months after welcoming their first child.

Sharing a snap of herself on Instagram, Tyla admitted it had been a stressful time and she was enjoying the chance to let her hair down.

She wrote: "I am recently single, I've been super quiet because I'm really not sure what to say, it's an awful situation, but I will explain a few things in good time.

"This night out was really needed so thank you to all my lovely girls."

She added: "This night helped me get away from all the stress and just be me for the night. So thank you girls :)."

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