LPBW star Caryn Chandler's son Connor, 22, is expecting a BABY with girlfriend as he awaits trial after arrest

LITTLE People, Big World star Caryn Chandler's son Connor, 22, is expecting his first child as he awaits trial in his harassment case with his mom, The Sun can exclusively reveal.

The reality star's son, who was arrested last year after a fallout with his mother, is now building bridges with Caryn, who is dating TLC favorite Matt Roloff, and hopes the case will be settled.

Connor has exclusively revealed to The Sun he is expecting a baby with his girlfriend, Ashlee, 21, and says his famous mom is "very excited for her first grandchild."

He said: "Ashlee is currently 18 weeks pregnant and moving along well, she's happy and healthy.

"I was speechless when we found out and started crying, it was a very emotional day.

"Our gender reveal is on April 11 and we can't wait to find out. We both want a boy, I think it's a boy, but she thinks it's a girl.

"I'm so excited, I've always wanted to be a dad. We've been living together eight months now in Portland and we're just so pleased to be settled and starting a family.

"Ashlee is a studying health sciences, but she's on pause with that at the minute while she has our baby."

He went on: "I've been through so much but it's only up from here and hopefully everything with the court case will sort itself out.

"My mom and I are on good terms now, she is very excited for the baby, which is due in September.

"She said every time she leaves the house she grabs something for her future grandchild."

Ashlee also told The Sun she had a "feeling" she was pregnant before taking a test, but the first one came back negative.

"I waited another week and a half, and sure enough – it was positive," she said.

"I feel overwhelmed and excited all at once. Growing a life inside you isn't easy, especially between the morning sickness, restless nights and hormones.

"The best part is feeling the little baby I have growing inside me, and knowing we will soon be able to hold him/her in our arms."

The young couple, who met through mutual friends, is now planning their future together and Connor feels Ashlee is "The One," with the rest of the family "overjoyed" by their baby news.

Exclusive photographs obtained by The Sun show Ashlee's ultrasound, her pregnancy tests, along with loved-up snaps of the couple on the beach and in their new home.

Connor says he has turned his life around after spending years of his youth hooked on the prescription drug Xanax, which saw him go through countless rehab stints and group homes, even being hospitalized after overdosing.

Talking about his drug problem, he previously told The Sun: "Rehab never helped, I ended up getting clean after I turned 18 and on my own, once I was off probation.

"It just happened, one day I was done, tired of living that life. 

"I have friends that aren’t here anymore because of pills, and I know it could have been different if they had gotten the right help the first time.:

Connor said addiction took over his life and he never imagined he'd end up the way he did before finally getting clean and insists he's a "good kid."

"I'm glad it happened when I was a kid, that’s what I can say, I was able to really learn before I truly started my future," he said.

“I don’t steal, I don't do drugs. I have good relationships with my family and friends, I go out on the weekend and work during the week like every other person."

He has been in and out of jail for numerous crimes, but said he has cleaned up his act and was disappointed to find himself back behind bars earlier last year.

Connor was booked on Friday, August 28 on a failure to appear in court warrant stemming from his harassment case involving his mom, 53, but she has since written a letter of support.

As The Sun exclusively reported, he was arrested and charged with two counts of harassment against Caryn last year.

According to Washington County Circuit Court, Connor pleaded not guilty at his January 23 arraignment.

Court papers seen by The Sun claim Connor "did unlawfully and intentionally harass or annoy" Caryn by subjecting her to “offensive physical contact."

A bench warrant was issued for his arrest when he failed to appear for an August 20 settlement conference. 

He will now go to trial with a court date set for June 23, but told The Sun he's confident it will be settled.

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