Lucifer season 5 theories: Michael to turn into an Angel after trailer clue

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The fifth season of Lucifer will be arriving on Netflix on August 21. Before one of this year’s most anticipated new TV releases drops, fans of the original Fox series have been busy crafting some convincing theories about Lucifer and Chloe’s new rival, Michael.


A brand new teaser trailer for Lucifer season five was released last week, and perceptive ‘Lucifans’ have already dissected every frame.

Throughout the first-look footage, Lucifer Morningstar (played by Tom Ellis) remains trapped in Hell, while his twin brother Michael steps into his shoes on Earth.

Chloe Decker (Lauren German), Amenadiel (D.B. Woodside) and the rest of the Lucifer team will have to expose Michael’s sinister plot before its too late.

Lucifer season five is also set to introduce former 24 star Dennis Haysbert as Lucifer and Amenadiel’s Heavenly Father, God.


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However, the Almighty is still nowhere to be seen in the new trailer, leaving fans unsure if Lucifer will get to reconcile with his Dad before the end of Part One.

At the end of the new teaser, Lucifer/Michael teases some heavenly hijinks by floating down to Chloe in an angelic robe, his wings on full display.

Viewers are still unsure whether this is Lucifer or his nefarious twin brother, but one theory suggests the trailer has revealed the moment in which Michael sees the error of his ways.

One fan took to Reddit to outline how the throwaway gag could in fact be taken very literally when fans reach the scene in season five.

Redditor Evasive-Cupid posted: “What if that scene where Lucifer/Michael is coming down in a white robe is Michael after his arc completes?”

Michael will pick up where Lucifer left off by striking up a steamy affair with his own brother’s love interest in the first half of season five.

It’s one of the sleaziest masterplans audiences have seen in the series so far, but when Lucifer finally escapes from his prison in the underworld fans can expect Michael will receive a strict talking to.

Following the inevitable punch-up, Michael could eventually see the light and assist the team when new threats start to arrive in Part Two.

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This fan went on to propose Lucifer’s deceptive twin brother could return to the series in a recurring comedic role after his defeat in the first half of season five.

They continued: “Maybe they still form some kind of exasperated friendship/family bond, and his coming down in the white robe is him coming to visit/pester everyone?

“Let’s face it, there have been very few fully bad characters in this show. I’m just wondering if things with Michael will be as sinister as the trailer makes it seem.”

While Michael’s plan could comprise the entire first half of season five, there’s still every chance the new villain is defeated within the first couple of episodes.


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However, even if Lucifer makes short work of his twin, fan reception to the new character has been overwhelmingly positive.

Once Michael has earned back his Angelic status, viewers could expect to see his return in a supporting comedic role throughout seasons five and six.

Given Tom Ellis is definitely on board for another season, there’s nothing stopping the showrunners bringing Lucifer’s twin back for more appearances in the final instalment.

Lucifer Season 5 Part 1 will be released August 21 on Netflix.

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