Luis D. Ortiz From 'Million Dollar Listing' Shares The Emotional Day His Daughter Was Born

Million Dollar Listing New York fans were overcome with emotion as Luis D. Ortiz and Nikita Singh welcomed their newborn daughter into the world.

Ortiz’s daughter, Leela was born on March 8 and cameras captured the emotional delivery. Ortiz has nothing but love in his eyes as he holds his child for the first time. On the show, he shares the amazing news with broker Steve Gold, who is also about to become a father. However Gold could not reveal his news until his girlfriend passed the second trimester. “Everyone is having babies,” Gold exclaimed on the show.

Although fans got a small glimpse of the birth, Ortiz posted for the first time on Instagram a sweet photo of his daughter, plus a link to a video he made recounting her birth.

They prepare to welcome their daughter

Singh and Ortiz meet with a healthcare professional who walks them through their birth plan. She explains who will be in the room for the birth and who can return to the room after the birth. Ortiz asks Singh if she is ready for the pain of natural childbirth.

She asks him if he’d seen a video (likely a birth video), but he says, “No, I decided I didn’t want to see it,” he says. As she turns her head and smiles he says, “I was going to watch it because of you, but then I realized you’re part of me afterward.”

But in that sweet moment, Singh can’t stop laughing after realizing Ortiz called her mother Norma Bates. “Because you told me, Norma Bates, I don’t know who Norma Bates is,” Ortiz says. Singh laughs and says, “Oh my gosh you’ve never seen Bates Motel.”

Two days later … Leela has arrived

Ortiz announces his child has been born. “It’s an incredible feeling,” he says grinning. “Remember when I told you I wasn’t ready for any of this? And with good reason, I wasn’t ready for any of this? I realized that it doesn’t matter how prepared you are to be a father, you are never ready until the moment is there.”

“And that in a way is very poetic,” he continues. “And very beautiful. Now that I think the less I prepare, the more open to adapting to when the moment comes. Because I’m not filled with all these expectations and all these things I think are going to happen based on things I have read, or videos I’ve seen, people I’ve talked to. I just know one thing. And that thing is that I am going to love this baby like there is no tomorrow.”

He continues by saying that he will be in Leela’s life and a source of support. “That’s all I know and that’s all that’s needed,” he says.

The day his daughter is born

The video takes the viewer back to the point where Ortiz is racing to the hospital. “I went to the hospital, the mother texted me that her water broke,” he recalled. “I start to feel very nervous, very excited. It started to feel a little more real.” In the car, Ortiz is giggling with excitement and anticipation.

He says to the driver, “Like all your life you’re told about having kids. And you never know when that moment is going to come. And you never think that moment is going to come for you. When it comes to you … it just comes,” he says shaking his head.

Ortiz says they arrived at the hospital. “I’m meeting her mother for the first time at the hospital,” he says. “One hour before she goes into labor.” Ortiz laughs, “I also called her Norma Bates! It’s because the mother was joking with me to two days before saying I hope the baby is born on the 21st because that’s the day that her mother was leaving. And she called her Norma Bates. And I thought that was her name.” He adds he didn’t realize Norma Bates was from Psycho.

Life is just getting started

Ortiz took a video of the machines and says Singh was in labor for about seven hours. “Which according to the doctors is not that long,” he says. “But she decided not to take an epidural. And she wanted to do it completely natural.”

“She dilated from two centimeters all the way to nine and a half centimeters without anything,” he remarks. Moaning can be heard as Singh is in extreme pain. “I felt like I was in a room where an exorcism was being performed because this woman was screaming so much.” He adds the pain was intense but he stood by her holding her hand reminding her to breathe. Ortiz even breathed along with her.

“But then it was three in the morning and delivery started,” he said. “I was next to her and was told how to hold her leg.” He recalled seeing the baby crowning and how insane the entire moment was. “4:04. The baby was delivered and I saw this. In my life, my world froze. It was one round of 10 pushes, three times. Times 12.” Ortiz is filmed cutting Leela’s umbilical cord too.

As he held his newborn daughter he said, “Right then and there, every single problem I was facing in my life that seemed so big to me felt so small. It felt like life was just getting started.”

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