MAFS Matt and Adrienne make saucy penis replica before things turn sour

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    Married at First Sight stars Matt and Adrienne bonded over a saucy modelling session before they clashed.

    The new intruder couple were creating clay sculptures together when it began to turn a little X-rated. The couple began creating models of each other's genitals – after they talked about their night of passion.

    Adrienne said: "I'm gonna make a replica of your penis." To which Matt replied: "I will if we're going down that route and I'll try and make a lovely bottom shape part of this… Shall I?"

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    Adrienne then brought up how the pair got hot under the covers the night before – as Matt looked awkward. As he finished his sculpture, she added: "That was fast. I was faster than you, wheey! The neighbours were definitely giving us a funny look this morning."

    Matt answered: "You thought that they'd have been fast asleep?" Adrienne continued to make jist of their wild night and quipped: "They probably were…Told ya I'm the full wife package."

    Before saying: "There's got to be something that we're not going to be compatible on, there's got to be." Then Matt took his chance to be upfront with his TV wife and pull her up on her brashness.

    He said: "Probably the only thing I can think of so far is your very showy-offy, whereas I'm not quite reserved and don't really show off about anything really. It's not that I don't like a show-off, I'm just a bit ugh. I'm just a bit on edge I guess. Just I've always been like that about show-offs. That's just me."

    Adrienne was quick to defend herself and said: "Unfortunately, it's that's who I am, I am an extrovert. That's just part of me. And that sounds like a d***. Well, I'm not gonna change that."

    Matt then reassured his partner: "I wouldn't ever want you to. I'm just not used to it. It's just me getting used to it. Yeah, so it makes me feel a bit uncomfortable."

    Arienne then spoke away from Matt and said to the camera: "I feel so blindsided that he's still in that way because I didn't know what he felt like that. I'm picking it up as if I'm arrogant."

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