Married At First Sight Australia's Cyrell and Nic in most explosive row of the series tonight after groping argument

MARRIED At First Sight Australia star Cyrell Paule rages at husband Nic Jovanovic during tonight's show.

In a preview clip for Thursday night's episode, the married couple are seen coming to blows following a rumour Nic had been touching Jess Power's leg under the table at the dinner party.

Naturally, the rumour leaves Cyrell furious and she begins to pack her bags back at their apartment.

During the row, Nic asks: "So you’re just packing up now because of someone else?”

Cyrell screams: "You just don’t have my back.

"Don’t ever sit there and say you’ve got my back. You’ve never had my back!"

Following the argument, Nic explains: "She’s getting at me saying you’ve never had my back, but she didn’t have my back by the way she was speaking to me either.

"I was trying to talk to her calmly and explain, 'Hey, I’ve heard a rumour. Let’s go deal with it and sort it out as a team.' We’re not children."

The explosion follows shortly after Cyrell flew into a furious rage after hearing rumours another bride had "hooked up with her husband".

Earlier this week, the fiery star was seen grabbing Martha Kalifatidis' bath robe as their argument got heated.

Meanwhile, Nic recently opened up to The Sun Online after previously being diagnosed with cancer again whilst filming the show.

The 29-year-old, who kept the news from his wife, was forced to undergo chemotherapy and have a teste removed as the show then aired on TV in Australia.

The reality star shared: "It's bringing back a lot of memories of when it aired here – some better than others! It was such a huge blow for me when I found out I had been diagnosed with testicular cancer for a second time.

“We were currently filming the final dinner party and it was a weird feeling, knowing that in the next few days I was going in for surgery to finally beat it.

"I decided not to bring it up to anyone on the show and didn't want to discuss it with any of the guys at the dinner party because I didn't want anyone to stress about me and what I was about to go through."

Reflecting on how life has changed since filming, Nic says his "health is great now" and he learned a lot about himself by watching the show back.

He added: "I feel I have grown so much as a person since then. I have been able to watch the season and see how I used to handle situations – and now I am better for it and will take on everything I learnt throughout my experience.

"I always tried to put Cyrell first and gave the experiment my all. It was such a huge commitment and I knew it was going to be huge part of my life. I did not want any regrets and I didn't want to miss the opportunity to find love."

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