Meghan Markle and Prince Harry’s true involvement in Finding Freedom confirmed

Author Omid Scobie has revealed just how much involvement he had with Meghan Markle and Prince Harry while writing his new book Finding Freedom.

The writer appeared on Lorraine on Tuesday morning and spoke to guest host Andi Peters all about his unofficial and unauthorised biography.

Andi quizzed him on his closely he worked with the royal couple, asking: "Just give me an idea, when you say up close, how close were you to both Meghan and Harry at times?"

Omid addressed rumours of "secret interviews" and made it clear that that was not the case.

He said: "Well, I know there are a lot of rumours and talk about the couple co-operating with the book and us having secret interviews with them, and this was not the case.

"But, what we did have was a front row seat to all their work, their public and private engagements.

"And that was really how we got to know the couple, through their philanthropy."

However he did confirm that he managed to get a "balanced portrait" of the couple through their nearest and dearest.

Omid said: "Of course, we had a lens to the couple through their friends and aides as well.

"It provided a really balanced portrait of the couple and brought them to life.

"One thing I really wanted to do in this book was, I wanted to re-humanise them in a way.

"I felt like it had been forgotten that they were this at times."

Andi wanted to know if Meghan would stop and have a chat with Omid if they were to passed each other in the street.

Omid said: "She would recognise me, but we are in no way friends.

"There is always that line between the journalist and the member of the royal family.

"But, of course, being part of the press core does mean you do get up close and personal with all members of the royal family.

"So I imagine all of them are very familiar with who I am, my name, and they would be happy to chat."

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