Michael Jackson’s daughter Paris to play Jesus in film Habit with Bella Thorne as a nun – The Sun

MICHAEL Jackson's daughter Paris is set to play Jesus in film Habit.

The actress and singer also stars alongside Bella Thorne, who plays a nun.

Paris' most recent screen credits include last year's MTV's Scream series and the 2018 flick Gingo.

In Habit Bella plays a girl obsessed with Jesus.

But when she becomes involved in a violent drug deal, she decides the only way to escape is posing as a nun.

Prior to Habit, Paris has been mostly focusing on launching a singing career following the 2009 death of her pop star father.

Last month, Paris told Remix it was her boyfriend Gabriel Glenn who inspired her to pursue music professionally.

The 22-year-old said: “Gabriel is my muse; I owe a lot to him.

She went on: “I started writing around 13 when I bought myself a guitar.

"I didn’t really start sharing it or recording it until I met Gabriel.”

Gabriel, 31, is just as grateful for the way Paris has inspired his own work.

He also told Remix: “Paris is the jigsaw piece that completes me as an artist.

“She creates so naturally and honestly; it inspires me to be a better songwriter.

"I think having a unique spirit like hers allows us to channel things we’d never receive on our own.”

Last month, Paris was spotted with a bruised leg while out on a coffee run in Malibu.

She appeared to have a large abrasion on her thigh as she stepped out in a pair of frayed denim shorts and an over-sized T-shirt.

Despite the bruise, Paris seemed to be in good spirits and flashed a peace sign while she waited for her coffee.

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