Morrisons unveils this years Christmas advert featuring a 1987 classic

Morrisons: ‘Farmer Christmas’ stars in 2022 festive advert

Morrisons is showing its support for the nation’s festive hosts in its latest Christmas advert which airs on Monday, November 6 during ITV’s Coronation Street.

Through the ad, trusty oven gloves that reside in kitchens up and down the country, come alive to sing their support for hosts and chefs as they prepare their celebratory feasts on the big day.

The 60-second feel-good spot, created with agency Leo Burnett, is set to a rendition of American rock band Starship’s classic power ballad ‘Nothing’s Gonna Stop Us Now’.

It gives customers “more reasons to shop at Morrisons” this Christmas by reassuring them that just like the humble oven gloves, the supermarket is on hand to help – together they will ensure hosts are ready to take on the task of preparing the highly anticipated festive feast.

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Morrisons has launched its official Christmas range, including the freshly prepared British food available from its Market Street.

The ad starts with a familiar scene: a dad, in his pyjamas and a Santa hat, making his way to the kitchen to preheat the oven at the crack of dawn on Christmas Day.

Families are then seen preparing food for the big day, supported and serenaded by their favourite oven gloves.

As the advert builds to the song’s chorus, the gloves jump out of drawers in a choreographed dance as the Christmas pudding gets set alight but they keep schtum when a potato is dropped.

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The ad finishes with the oven gloves checking in on the delicious mains cooking in the oven before the dad proudly serves up his turkey to rapturous applause from his guests while his oven glove offers up a satisfied smile for a job well done.

Rachel Eyre, Morrisons’ Chief Customer and Marketing Officer, said: “This Christmas – and every Christmas – great British food should be the star of the show and so our ad showcases Morrisons brilliant Christmas range.

“But there’s always a lot to do when preparing the big Christmas meal and some classic 1980s power ballad encouragement is clearly in order.

“And so we’ve made the trusty oven glove the tuneful cheerleaders of the nation’s Christmas chefs and we hope they enjoy it as much as we enjoyed making it. Nothing’s gonna stop us making this Christmas the best for our customers.”

Mark Elwood, ECD at Leo Burnett UK, said: “The humble oven glove is at the heart of every Christmas across the UK.

“Everyone has a pair in their kitchen drawer or hung up on the oven, whether they’re a fresh new set or the ones that got scorched while making Christmas dinner in 1993.

“Our singing oven gloves are there to support hosts up and down the nation whilst making their Christmas dinner special. Bringing a little festive joy to the nation with an 80s banger that everyone can sing along to.”

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