MPA Report Shows ‘Punishing’ Year At Box Office Due To Covid Closures Was Partially Offset By Digital Home Entertainment Growth

The Motion Picture Association released its annual report on box office and home entertainment, and the bottom line is sobering but little surprise after a year of Covid closures.

The U.S./Canada box office market was down 80% in 2020, to $2.2 billion, while tickets sold were down 81% to 0.24 billion.

Still, that was offset by home and mobile entertainment, which increased to $30 billion, up 21% from a year earlier. The number of online video subscriptions increased 32% to 308.6 million.

“Perhaps most significantly, during an otherwise punishing year for theatrical exhibition and our industry at large, home and curated entertainment boomed,” MPA chairman Charles Rivkin wrote in the report. The full report is here.

Globally, theatrical box office was $2.2 billion in 2020, down 72% from a year earlier. The international market, which excludes the U.S. and Canada, was off by 68% to $9.8 billion.

The global mobile/home entertainment market reached $68.8 billion, up 23 percent and driven by digital viewing. The number of digital subscriptions to online video services increased to 1.1 billion during the year, an increase of 26%.

Overall, the combined theatrical and home/mobile market was $32.2 billion in 2020, a drop of 18% from $36.1 billion a year earlier.

The combined global theatrical and home/mobile entertainment market dropped to $80.8 billion in 2020, from $98.3 billion a year earlier.

Meanwhile, the MPA’s Classification and Rating Administration rated 497 films in 2020, up from 488 in 2019.

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