MTV’s The Challenge: War of the Worlds Reunion episode recap brings revelations, cast updates

Turbo speaks on his win, beefs examined

Another feud was apparently between Cam and Da’Vonne. The two former friends unfollowed each other on Instagram. They both liked Theo amongst the new cast members.

However, their drama also seemed to be about some perceived fakeness between them.

Da’Vonne produced an apology letter which she read segments from. In the note she gave Da’Vonne on elimination night she mentioned if she had been more honest with her, their friendship would’ve been OK.

However, things got better. Ultimately, the two girls seemed to squash their beef and hugged it out on stage. The crowd gave them applause for patching things up and burying the hatchet.

US vs. UK alliance, Zack vs. Cara & Paulie

Miz brought up with Bear how there was a UK alliance in the house. Bear said his dad always told him to stand with your own and that’s what he was doing with his people. They showed highlights of various celebrations by the UK competitors during the show.

Biggest trash talker, relationships ruined


That also led to another Wes vs. Bananas outburst during the show. Wes talked about his strategy of reaching out to make connections with people before the game started. Bananas said Wes preys upon newcomers who don’t know how to play the game.

Zach vs. Bananas relationship update

In the final part of the reunion came some of the juiciest updates. There was a discussion of the situation involving Johnny Bananas and Zach.

Bananas felt Zach betrayed him by working with Wes. Leroy accused Zack of being a liar and always saying he had things he was dealing with on each Challenge.

Bananas flat out asked Zach if he and Wes were working together during the show. Zach said no. He admitted that he and Wes are friends, though. Bananas and Leroy continued to talk about how bad a person Zach is. Zach ultimately admitted he cut a deal with Bananas to fold in a challenge.

Bananas said Wes told him he and Zach were working together. Zahida became extremely upset when she learned that her partner didn’t have her back or best interests. Zach admitted he screwed over his friend Bananas and that he realizes his actions have consequences.

MTV’s The Challenge: War of the Worlds reunion aired on MTV on Wednesday, May 29.

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