My 600lb Life eat death star unrecognisable after losing over 300lbs

My 600-lb Life: Lindsey’s husband emotional over her health

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TLC viewers can’t believe the dramatic transformation of one popular My 600lb Life star who was famously told to “eat death” by her angry husband during her episode a few years ago. Lindsey Witte is now totally unrecognisable from her early days on the reality TV programme.

She began filming season eight of My 600lb Life when she weighed a staggering 640lbs.

Lindsey’s episode highlighted her battle with food addiction and her relationship with husband Paul.

One explosive scene saw Lindsey lying in bed as Paul confronted her when she asked for bags of snacks.

The memorable moment saw Paul launch a handful of sweet treats at his wife before shouting.

“Hey, how’s this? There you go,” he said at the time, during the scene which played out on My 600lb Life.

Paul added: “Eat your f***ing snacks because all of this is considered death and you’re killing yourself.

“I’m not sticking around for it, eat death, Lindsey.”

Cameras filmed Lindsey as she sobbed at the time – but since filming, she has totally transformed her life, and left Paul behind.

@lindseykay 640 pounds to Current; Over 350 pounds lost!! #drnowismyhero #weighlossjourney #thicktok #bigbeautifulwomen #vgs #weightlosscheck #my600lblife ♬ original sound – Chalina✨

Lindsey now looks worlds away from her previous self during filming and revealed last year that she and Paul and gone their separate ways.

She has since shared her weight loss journey with fans on social media, namely TikTok and Instagram.

Lindsey has lost more than 350lbs after wrapping up filming of My 600lb Life.

Reflecting on her weight loss after her episode aired on TV, she says she “took a leap of faith”.

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Writing on social media, she said: “I still remember being over 600 pounds and praying for God to let me wake up and live another day.

“I still remember thinking I was out of options after being turned down for a revision surgery through my local hospital.

“I still remember taking a leap of faith and filling out the application for the show.

“I still remember the whirlwind of the cameras and the crew exposing my deepest darkest secrets and my childhood that I tried so hard to bury with food.”

She added: “I WOULDN’T CHANGE ANY OF IT! I am finally loving the person staring back at me in the mirror and I’m constantly evolving.

“There isn’t a day that goes by where I am not thankful, grateful or believe I am extremely blessed for this second chance at life!

“Love you all and thank you for your support along this journey.”

My 600lb Life episodes are available on TLC in the USA.

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