Naga Munchetty details most ‘uncomfortable’ part of BBC Breakfast

Naga Munchetty questions the weatherman’s ‘sunset picture’

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Each morning the nation wakes up to the most recent headlines on BBC Breakfast with a rotation of well-known presenters fronting the three-hour show. One of which includes 47-year-old Naga Munchetty whose been a regular face on the show for over a decade.

With the BBC programme turning 40 later this month, Naga revealed why she believes the show has continued to remain popular among viewers.

The 47-year-old praised BBC Breakfast for being able to channel what people are experiencing in real-life along with stating that viewers want to see people who are familiar first thing in the morning.

Although over the decades the overall tone of the show has changed dramatically as Breakfast Time, which it was then called, featured presenters in less formal wear with the reporting focused on more light-hearted entertainment.

However, despite the minor changes made over the years, one thing that fans can easily associate the show with is the infamous red sofa.

Although when asked how sitting on the piece of furniture feels, Naga revealed it isn’t as comfortable as you may think.

Speaking to Radio Times, the host confessed: “It is really firm but it is very uncomfortable.

“We have this thing where I like to be closer to the sofa and Charlie likes to sit back. No, it’s not comfy.”

Laughing at his co-star’s frankness, Charlie joked that the sofa will outlive them all.

With the show kicking off each morning at 6:00 am, Naga spoke about the strict morning routine that sees her get up in the early hours of the morning.

She said: “My first alarm goes off at 3.45am. I have a very tight schedule and a very organised morning.

“My work outfit is always laid out the night before. But I do have a system of snoozing before getting out of bed.”

However, Charlie admitted he refuses to use the snooze button as he states he gets up as soon as his alarm goes off.

Revealing his formula to combat the early morning, he said: “I embrace the siesta. It’s become a big thing for me. I sort of sit down in the afternoon and consciously do nothing.”

When the show hits its 40th anniversary on January 17, viewers can expect to see a few changes made to the programme along with some special guests.

With Jon Kay and Sally Nugent fronting the celebration, there will be half an hour where BBC Breakfast will go back to its original roots with the Breakfast Time vintage clock making a comeback.

Leo Sayer will also make an appearance as he was a guest on the very first programme back in the 80s.

Diana Moran, known as The Green Goddess, will be recreating her iconic keep fit routines along with Francis Wilson, Breakfast Time’s original weather reporter, joining Carol Kirkwood.

Carol, who is the longest-serving member on the show, will be sharing some special moments from her time on BBC Breakfast.

Speaking about the upcoming special, she said: “I’ve been at BBC Breakfast from the early days, starting as a production secretary and now presenting the weather.

“I have made some brilliant memories on the show and look forward to continuing to do so.”

BBC Breakfast continues weekdays on BBC One from 6:00am

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