Naga Munchetty snaps ridiculous as BBC Breakfast co-stars distracted

BBC Breakfast: Naga and Mike share tense exchange about golf

Naga Munchetty and BBC Breakfast sports reporter Mike Bushell had been discussing golf and he steered the conversation towards her own experience with the sport.

“I bet you’ve taken someone’s lights out before with a golf shot, have you?” Mike commented.

Looking offended, Naga replied: “No! What makes you think I would do that?”

“Well in the early days?” Mike clarified, but the presenter insisted she hadn’t inured anyone with her golfing skills.

“No, I think I’ve hit many a goose,” she stated before adding quickly: “[I’ve] not killed a goose!”

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“So we’re not talking about a shot here, this is an actual goose?” Mike asked.

“Yeah, a goose isn’t a shot,” Naga responded before a concerned Mike probed: “You’ve actually hit a goose? Was the goose OK?”

“Yes – yeah luckily it was a low-runner, and I’ve hit a goose a few times – a few geese,” she explained. “It happens!”

A confused Carlie asked: “It was a low-runner goose?” as Naga clarified: “The ball was a low-runner.”

“Oh, I see,” Charlie replied before Mike advised: “Well you need to warn them before you take a shot in future.

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“‘Goose!’ you need to shout, don’t you? To get them to move out of the way.”

“This is getting ridiculous, it’s becoming ridiculous,” Naga remarked.

“They’d fly off then,” Mike went on as the presenters attempted to move on.

“Mike, thank you very much,” Naga chuckled. “No, I think I’ve hit many a goose. [I’ve] not killed a goose!”

Naga is an avid golfer and has spoken about her enjoyment of the sport before.

Last year, she admitted she’d had a “horrendous tantrum” while playing.

She made the admission while chatting to golfers, Martine and Heather Gilks, on her Radio 5 Live show in June 2022.

“I had a horrendous temper tantrum, twice,” she explained. “But the company was so good… me and my partner have lost against these other two three times on the trot.”

BBC Breakfast airs daily from 6am on BBC One.

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