Natasha Blakeman's is set to return to the Cobbles but who is Nick Tilsley's ex and when was she last on the soap?

CORONATION Street's Natasha Blakeman is set to return to the soap for the first time in ten years.

She was in a relationship with current star Nick Tilsley and now she is set to make her mark on the Cobbles once again.

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Who is Nick Tilsley's ex Natasha Blakeman?

Natasha's a hairdresser who is played by actress actress Rachel Leskovac in the ITV soap.

Actress Rachel Leskovac has returned to the set this week to reprise the role.

She began a relationship with Nick back in 2010 but he later dumped her, but found out soon after she was pregnant with his child.

Despite the pregnancy, Nick refused to get back with her, which resulted in Natasha having an abortion.

When was she last on the soap?

There is more to the story as the businessman decided he quite liked the idea of being a dad and asked her take him back which she did, but kept the abortion a secret.

Nick was heartbroken when mum Gail found out and told him the devastating news.

Natasha's exit involved her taking an overdose but was found by Nick, and shortly afterwards she left Weatherfield in a taxi on 27th September 2010, two years after her first appearance on 12th May 2008.

How will Natasha Blakeman make her return to Coronation Street?

Nick will run into Nick in the hospital where he is with Leanne and son Oliver in early autumn.

Nick is surprised to see ex Natasha, and the pair catch up on the news of the past decade, but Nick is reluctant to tell Leanne about the chance meeting.

On the back of the announcement of her return, Rachel said: “I am very excited and proud to be welcomed back to Coronation Street, especially as so many old friends are still there. It’s always great to be able to return to a character to explore a whole new path for them.”

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