NCIS LA season 13: Fatima and Roundtree under fire in action-packed double bill promo

NCIS LA releases new promo

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NCIS Los Angeles is expected to return to CBS on Sunday with an episode which will show the agents risking their lives to bring rightful justice. With an exciting double bill on the horizon, the promo video revealed Agent Fatima Namazi (played by Medalion Rahimi) and Agent Devin Roundtree (Caleb Castille) will be under heavy fire.

For a second time this season, fans will be treated to an action-packed double bill and receive episode 18 and episode 19 back to back.

One was written by Marty Deeks star Eric Christian Olsen and directed by his character’s on-screen wife Daniella Ruah.

While the other episode will be a heavy one for Sam Hanna (LL Cool J) as he will be forced to make a tough decision for his father who has early onset dementia.

The first episode will be titled ‘Hard for Money’ and the latter is ‘Live Free or Die Standing.’

In the thrilling 11-second promo video, it looked as though Fatima and Roundtree could be in serious danger.

They could be seen working together on an investigation to find a suspect.

In one scene, the pair had their guns drawn as they burst open the back of a truck with the hope of finding someone, however, it appeared to be empty.

In another, the suspect had clearly been made aware of the agents as Fatima and Roundtree found themselves in the line of fire.

The pair were forced to split up and hide behind two shipping containers as they tried to get a better angle to shoot back.

During this scene, Fatima could be heard shouting “Cover me,” which indicated she was going to try and get closer.

With only the two officers on the scene, fans will have to tune in to see whether Roundtree will do a good job at covering Fatima as she attempts to get closer to the gunman.

The two characters are fan-favourites, so the viewers will undoubtedly be on the edge of their seats, hoping they both make it out alive.

Both Fatima and Roundtree were close and were so loved by NCIS LA fans that they were even given a nickname, Fountree.

Actor Caleb Castille acknowledged this during a Q&A with fans on Twitter

When asked about their relationship, he stated: “Honestly, this is one of my favorite relationships on the show.

“Two young rookies that came together…well Fatima being there before Roundtree.

“[Their] bonding over the fact that they’re joining this team that has been together for a very long time.

“And them just learning from each other, they’re still learning how to work with one another, how to have each other’s backs.”

He continued: “They’re becoming super close friends and I’m excited because you’re going to see Fatima help Roundtree grow this season in ways you didn’t see last season. What I mean by that is in his everyday life.”

Hopefully over time the characters have learnt how to work together and have each other’s backs enough to come out of the episode alive.

NCIS LA is available in the USA on CBS. A UK release day has yet to be announced.

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