Nineties popstars with completely different jobs now – from dance act who make rum to counter terrorism expert | The Sun

FAME isn't for everybody, and often household names swap their glamorous lifestyles for completely normal jobs.

Here, we run down some of the most surprising career changes – from a dance act now making rum to a chart-topping singer becoming a headmistress.

Hanson brew beer

Hanson has gone from dropping 90s bops to creating tasty hops with their craft beer venture.

The American band, made up of brothers Isaac, 42, Taylor, 40 and Zac Hanson, 37, formed the group in 1992.

They made a name for themselves with their hit single MMMBop from their debut album Middle of Nowhere, which landed them three Grammy nominations.

While they may have been a one-hit-wonder in the mainstream music world, the brothers have continued to release music today, with six albums in total.

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But now, they have turned their attention to something completely different: beer.

Hanson Brothers Beer Co started in 2013 and their motto is "Music + Beer = Awesome".

According to their website: "their craft beer outfit has been sharing award-winning styles at the crossroads of their passion for music, community and craft beer."

They also started the Hop Jam Beer and Music Festival in 2014.

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Infernal make rum

Infernal are best known for their 2006 hit From Paris to BerlinCredit: YouTube
The pop duo recently released their own rumCredit: Instagram

They're the Danish pop group who scored a mega hit in the mid-noughties with dance anthem From Paris to Berlin.

And though Infernal is still making music, they've now turned their attention to the alcohol business and released their own line of rum.

One of their labels shares the same name as their biggest hit and retails for a mid-range £50 through the band's online store.

The first 239 bottles sold are personally signed by group members Paw Lagermann and Lina Rafn.

The duo describe the drink as "a wonderful and exquisite blend between a Venezuelan and a Dom Rep rum, up to 8 years, parts of this rum have matured, tropical saw, which only contributes to the aroma bomb that awaits you."

Jeff 'Skunk' Baxter from Steely Dan works in counter-terrorism

Steely Dan's Jeff 'Skunk' Baxter became a missile defence expert after quitting fame.

He was a guitarist in the American jazz rock band before famously quitting in 1974 to join the Doobie Brothers, after learning Walter Becker and Donald Fagen planned on kicking him out of Steely Dan anyway.

A decade later Baxter made a huge pivot away from music – after becoming an avid reader of Aviation Week magazine.

And he ended up blowing the minds of government officials by writing a report on how to improve missile defence systems.

The rock star learned the science all on his own and came up with a mind-boggling theory that went on to be tested and put into use in the military in the eighties.

The success of his five page report kicked off a long and successful career as a defence consultant.

The Pentagon began hiring him out, and he specialised in leading enemy forces in war games.

He quickly earned a reputation for his terrorist-style tactics.

Commenting on his bizarre talent, he once said: "I'm told I make a very good bad guy."

Explaining how he came up with his ideas, the brainbox continued: "We thought turntables were for playing records until rappers began to use them as instruments, and we thought airplanes were for carrying passengers until terrorists realized they could be used as missiles.

"My big thing is to look at existing technologies and try to see other ways they can be used, which happens in music all the time and happens to be what terrorists are incredibly good at."

Lisa from Steps is a headmistress

Lisa Scott-Lee was part of Steps, famed for hits including Tragedy and 5, 6, 7, 8 in 1998.

A far cry from her singing days, Lisa now works as a headteacher in Dubai after moving to the Middle East with her family.

Lisa lives in the UAE with her husband Johnny Shentall and their two children Jaden and Star Lily.

They moved to the country in 2011, before launching the Dubai Performing Arts Academy together three years later.

The school educates around 600 pupils ages between three and 18 and includes a 500-seat theatre.

But she has still found time to join her band-mates for performances after they reformed for a second time in 2017.

While Lisa describes Steps as "her life", she says being a headteacher is her "day job" and struggles to switch off from teaching.

There is crossover, too, as she will often be working on her laptop while rehearsing with the band.

Lisa works six days a week at the school focusing on its day-to-day running, while her husband is the creative director and main teacher.

Allison Jordan is a medium

Allison Jordan, 51, was part of one of the biggest UK pop groups of the decade – Cappella.

At age 19, Allison found fame by entering a talent contest on the BBC1 TV show That's Life!, presented by Esther Ranson, in 1992.

She won the contest, which was decided by a public telephone vote, and the competition prize was a recording contract.

The 90s star signed a record deal with BMG to work with producers Nigel Wright and Simon Cowell.

After enjoying a few years of stardom, Allison decided to pack it all in and move back to England.

She then retired from the musical scene to care for her two children with her husband Stephen Hedger.

In 2004, she founded a monthly publication entitled The Paranormal News.


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Allison then changed her name to Cloé Hedger and now works as a psychic medium.

The former star owns her own store and performs tarot card readings, a hobby she had during her time in the band.

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