Okay, Did This Bonkers Scene In 'The Crown' Season 3 Really Happen? (Kinda…)

Even with our reigning Best Actress Oscar Winner Olivia Colman in the leading role, Helena Bonham Carter all but runs away with the third season of The Crown as Elizabeth’s extroverted and passed over sister, Princess Margaret. The second episode of the season, “Margaretology,”puts her in the spotlight as Princess Margaret goes on a tour of the U.S. and ends up representing the royal family at a pretty raucous White House dinner. In the Netflix drama, Princess Margaret’s extremely extra antics end up scoring a diplomatic victory, but there’s no way that state dinner was really that wild…right?

Princess Margaret’s American tour

Princess Margaret and her husband Lord Snowden (Ben Daniels) go on a sort-of working vacation on the show. (You know, the kind where you still check your emails.) Not only is Margaret more naturally social than her sister, she’s also not caged in by the same stuffy rules. Just minimally less stuffy rules. The episode shows her making a big splash overseas, which Elizabeth watches from afar with no small amount of jealousy.

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