Oritsé Williams defended by Denise Walsh in fiery Loose Women exchange

Speaking on Loose Women, the actress raged that the JLS hunk has seen his name dragged through the mud, only to be found innocent unanimously by a jury.

During a heated discussion on the ITV show, Denise clashed with Kaye Adams after they debated if those accused should be named to help other potential victims come forward.

Letting rip, Denise fumed: “Jimmy Saville and Oritsé shouldn’t even be in the same breath.

“There was massive cover ups with Jimmy for years.”

The former Big Brother starlet added: “If we thought that Oritsé was guilty and a danger to society and with him being in the public eye for years was going to bring other people forward it was clear it was not this type of case.”

When asked if the girl who accused Oritsé should be publicly named, Denise replied: “It is difficult… it would be a blood bath with social media but at the same time but there has to be some consequences… it is not fair she has put him through that.”

Counter acting Denise, Kaye added: “We should note that false allegations take 0.62% of all rape allegations.

Earlier this week Jurors found JLS star Oritse Williams not guilty of charges of rape at Wolverhampton Crown Court.

Oritse’s tour manager Jamien Nagadhana was also found not guilty of charges of sexual assault and assault by penetration with the same woman.

The X Factor singer, 32, had been accused of attacking a woman following a gig.

But jurors reached unanimous verdicts after deliberating for two hours and 17 minutes.

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