Owen Jones shut down over Halloween treats in Vine clash amid obesity concerns in childr

Jeremy Vine and guests discuss children eating sweets at Halloween

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Owen Jones has shut down claims that children should be given sweet treats at Halloween when they go trick or treating, saying “we have a massive childhood obesity problem”. He then suggested giving chilren healthy treats instead. The discussion came as Halloween is approaching after it was cancelled last year due to the coronavirus pandemic and lockdowns. 

Speaking on Jeremy Vine show on Five, Owen Jones said: “In history, we have a massive childhood obesity problem, which is very bad for long term health for those people as well as for the health service.

“But I think that’s a general all-round-year issue which we need to deal with by making healthy food cheaper.

“I think treats at Halloween are kind of just an expected part.”

Jeremy Vine chipped in: “When I was a kid a ‘treat’ is something you had once a year.

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“Now a treat is something you have once a day.

“No question is there?”

Dawn Neesom said: “Well, no, I mean, I shockingly agree with that.

“I do worry about childhood obesity in this country.

“But it’s Halloween-we have put our kids through hell for the past 20 month.

“Halloween last year was cancelled because of COVID and lockdown. Let them have Halloween. Let them have parties let them dress up in their little costumes. Let them have some sweets!”

Another host said: “Parents can monitor that.

“Give sweets a few each week.”

Jeremy Vine said: “I think the way to do it is-I mean, they’ll come back with a bucket and literally fuller than that.

“I think because that’s better for your teeth. Just have the sugar overload and get it over with.”

Owen Jones said: “You know healthy treats like for me, I’ve really got onto Greek yogurt, some blueberries.

“That is a treat!”
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