Passion explodes as drunk Mandy and Paddy have sex in Emmerdale

Excuse us while we step back into 1997 and watch Mandy Dingle (Lisa Riley) and Paddy Kirk (Dominic Brunt) get it back on in Emmerdale.

It seems that 26 years after the last time these two had a proper love affair, their loins are still burning for each other. Both are free and single, is a rekindling on the cards?

Paddy is about to come flying back to the dating scene whether he likes it or not – Bear (Joshua Richards) sets him up on a double date without his explicit permission and Paddy is too much of his bumbling idiot self to properly argue.

Bear is single-minded and isn’t paying attention to Paddy’s subtle hints and need of rescue – he is not in the right frame of mind for this and it has disaster written all over it.

Oblivious Bear encourages him to take his date out on the town but Paddy instead thinks up an excuse and Bear is left with their double dates to entertain himself. Crikey.

The next day, Chas (Lucy Pargeter) overhears what she thinks is Paddy bragging about being single and it hits her hard, responding in the way she knows best – revenge.

She cruelly flirts up a storm with Kev the drayman, wounding poor innocent Paddy.

Chas later comes down hard on Paddy about his controlling behaviour and reminds him he has only himself to blame over living with her. In other words, it’s Chas we have to thank for pushing him back into Mandy’s bed.

Chas certainly knows how to break him. Mandy spots him looking down beat and is concerned for him, and the next day when they come across each other, without saying a word Mandy moves in to hold him to her bosom, a place that once gave him great comfort.

Mandy knows the pain of moving forward only too well. He’s touched by her thoughtfulness and concern, and the pair head back to the Woolpack to chat over a bottle of wine.

The sexual tension is ramping up as they both coyly avoid eye contact. As the wine flows, the inhibitions lower and they find themselves reminiscing.

And before long, the drink truly does its job as they look each other in the eye and allow themselves to sink into the sexy moment – and end up sleeping together.

Is this the reigniting of a beautiful old romance?

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