Paul McCartneys brother cut off by BBC hosts ahead of Eurovision hint

Eurovision: Liverpool beats Glasgow to host contest in 2023

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On Sunday’s instalment of BBC Breakfast, hosts Rachel Burden and Victoria Fritz spoke to the younger brother of The Beatles legend Paul McCartney. During their chat with Mike, they touched on his home city hosting the Eurovision song contest next year. However, when the 78-year-old was about to tease a special performance the hosts abruptly cut him off.

It was recently revealed that Liverpool has been chosen to host next year’s Eurovision Song Contest beating its opponent Glasgow.

As it’s the first time the competition is being held in the UK for 25 years, residents of the city were thrilled after Graham Norton announced the news.

The show is coming to Britain after this year’s winners, Ukraine, are unable to host because of the ongoing Russian war.

It then falls to the runners-up to take on the responsibility and with Sam Ryder’s Space Man impressing the globe, Eurovision is returning to the UK once again.

Speaking about the competition on BBC Breakfast, hosts Victoria Fritz and Rachel Burden spoke to Mike, the younger brother of The Beatles legend Paul McCartney, to get his thoughts.

Asking if he was a happy man, he said: “I am! But equally, happiness is lovely and Liverpool obviously should have got it because we are at the centre of the universe as you all know.

“But with that, getting that is the responsibility because we’re doing it for Ukraine.

“It takes on a whole different dimension.”

Along with his brother being in the iconic 60s band, Mike was also a member of the Scaffold and Grimms with Roger McGough and comic entertainer John Gorman.

When Rachel asked him if he’d be at Eurovision in the front row, Mike confessed he was asked by someone if the Scaffold will be doing the song.

He replied: “At first, when I picked myself up from the floor at the idea of it, I suddenly thought of all those years ago, it’s like ideas that somebody gives you.

“It’s like that (snapping his fingers) I rang our kid down in London once to thank him, and he sent a Nikon camera, a posh Nikon F camera up for a prezzie.

“I rang him in London and brr brr, brr brr,-”

Although Mike was swiftly interrupted by BBC Breakfast host Victoria as Mike was potentially about to tease a performance at the song contest.

She said: “You know what, we’re going to have to hold on this story, we’re going to have to say goodbye to our viewers here on BBC One and they move to the channel.”

While Victoria was trying to wrap up the interview Mike teased: “It’s a great story, you’re going to love it!”

However, once the show moved across channels, Mike’s interview didn’t continue.

Noticing the abrupt cut-off, a few viewers were curious to find out if the 78-year-old would be able to get a chance to finish his story.

Twitter user Andrew Johnson said: “How did Mike McGear’s story end on BBC Breakfast after they cut him off this morning please?”

Stephen added: “What’s happened to the remaining part of Mike McCartney’s story?”

With Andrew replying: “I want to know that too!”

BBC Breakfast continues weekdays on BBC One at 6am.

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