Peaky Blinders set is haunted by the ghost of a dead dog shot by its owner

IT’S a good job Peaky Blinders is full of tough guys, as they’re about to be given a fright.

Cillian Murphy, Helen Mccrory, Paul Anderson and others recently started filming a new season of the hit BBC drama at Arley Hall in Cheshire.

But it turns out the 19th century mansion is haunted by a ghostly DOG — and crew have reported hearing barking noises in the halls.

Legend has it the building’s aristocratic former owner was killed by his pet pooch when the hound mistook him for an intruder. The dog was then shot dead by the gamekeeper.

Owner and mutt were buried next to each other, and the story goes that the dog will attack any bearded man – or anyone wearing an outfit that resembles the gamekeeper’s clothing.

A set source said: “There’s a certain irony that made a lot of people smile that these gangsters who brandish guns and kill people could be spooked by a little dog.

“A few of the crew think they have heard some howling from the old corridors. It’s especially creepy, as a few of the shoots are at night.

“The set is where Cillian’s character Tommy Shelby lives. Cillian has had to be channelling Tommy even more so as not to show he’s a scaredy cat.”

The source added: “It’s funny because the Shelby men wear nice suits just like the gamekeeper.”

Filming for the sixth and final season began last month after a delay forced by Covid.

But series creator Steven Knight has promised that a movie will follow.
He’s certainly got some inspiration for a supernatural plot twist.

Ask Fred out? Oz says no

THEIR light-hearted rivalry is central to the success of the new Top Gear, but Freddie Flintoff may have to admit that Paddy Mcguinness Is the better telly host.

The cricket legend filmed a pilot for his pal’s Take Me Out show in Australia – but it was a total flop and never got commissioned.

Phoenix Nights funnyman Paddy wanted to stay at home in the UK and look after his three children, who have autism, with wife Christine.

Paddy told the Lockdown Parenting Hell podcast: “About a year ago I got asked to do Take Me Out in Australia.

"I would be there for two or three months and anyone else would say, ‘That is fantastic,’ but I was like, ‘I can’t do it’.

“Flintoff did the pilot. It was hilarious and it did not get commissioned, obviously.”

We all have our strengths. I’d love to see Paddy go toe-to-toe with Brett Lee at 90mph


ONE of my favourite comics, Lee Mack, is among those leading a fundraising drive for a desperately ill British woman who needs urgent surgery in the US.

Lee and others, including The Crown’s Olivia Colman, appeared on a stream to drive donations for Jenny Rowbory.

She is suffering complications from Ehlers Danlos syndrome.

The 34-year-old, who has been bedridden for 15 years, has faulty connective tissue causing her skull to dislocate itself and her vertebrae to snap out of place.

Head to

Secrets of Mo's sockcess

IF you ever want to appear as effortlessly cool as funnyman Mo Gilligan just take your shoes and socks off.

That’s what The Masked Singer panellist does before every show to relax.

Mo revealed the secret to his success on The Harry Redknapp Podcast, which is available today through Global Player.

He said: “I don’t really get very nervous, only because, before I start shows I try to do the opposite, so, I try to make myself very calm, relaxed.

“I take my socks off, put my sliders on. I have to be really relaxed, so I’ll try to get there as early as possible, get the make up and hair done, make sure I’ve read the brief and just really try and chill out.

“For me, being on The Masked Singer was huge because it was the first time that I was part of a show that had already existed.

"It’s a big deal, you’ve got some huge people on our panel.”

It sounds like they blew his socks off.

Rom with a view

ROMESH RANGANATHAN looks thrilled to be returning with comedy partner Rob Beckett for a new series of Rob & Romesh Vs.

The show is back on Sky One and Now TV for a third season starting on Thursday, and viewers will see the duo exploring spheres of life outside their comfort zones.

This time round they’re focusing on golf, drag and art.

Surprisingly, the image here isn’t their foray into the world of men dressing up as women, it’s actually Rob and Romesh’s introduction to contemporary paintings and installations inside a gallery.

From the look on Romesh’s face, I don’t think his art’s in it.

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