Peter Andre thanks Katie Price after she apologises to him and claims they 'love each other really' in surprise tweet

PETER Andre has thanked his ex-wife for her public apology after she reached out to him to say sorry for "hurting" him and claimed the two "love each other really".

The 40-year-old claims a mystery person stirred up trouble between the exes last year, around the time kids Princess and Junior moved in with their dad.

Writing on Twitter, she shared: "I had a tough year last year! A person stirred trouble with me and Pete which he reacted to protect our children! Yes I said things but I was upset and didn’t mean harm! Me and Pete love each other really lol !I’m sorry @MrPeterAndre if I hurt you!"

Peter later replied to the tweet, saying: "Do you know what, I really appreciate you saying that. Thank you"

Fans were thrilled with the exchange, with one writing: "Pete what a gent you are!"

Another gushed: "I absolutely love Katie & I don't think anyone was expecting Peter to actually respond but lovely thing to do Peter! Junior & Princess are a real credit to you both such lovely children x"

Last June, Pete moved Princess and Junior into his home full time after growing increasingly concerned by his ex-wife's party lifestyle.

The temporary arrangement was confirmed at the time by Katie's representative, who said: "What is important [is] that the focus is on what is best for the children during tough times as Peter has acknowledged.

"Katie is a remarkable mother, Peter is a wonderful father, together they are doing what is best for their children."

Her new tweet comes after it was revealed she calls Andrew Gould "the one that got away" after he married a Jordan lookalike.

Her friendship with the dressage trainer was blamed for the breakdown of her marriage to Peter in 2009.

But the pals have always denied anything ever happened between them – with Katie close friends with his wife Polly at the time.

She was even a bridesmaid at Katie's second wedding to Alex Reid.

Katie's friend told The Sun Online: "Katie still jokes that Andrew is the ‘one that got away’ – she had a crush on him and they were very close, even though nothing happened as they were both married.”

Now it has been revealed Andrew, 39, has remarried – and she bears a striking resemblance to Katie.

The former glamour model told in her 2010 book You Only Live Once that Pete was furious with jealousy over her friendship with Andrew.

She wrote: "Pete met Andrew and everything changed," she wrote in 2010.

"He had met Polly and Andrew briefly when they both came round to the house once before we went off to a horse show, and even in that brief meeting, which was filmed for our reality series, I got a bad vibe from Pete, but thought maybe I was imagining it.

"I admit we were both jealous in our marriage… Jealousy is a poison, a cancer, and once it starts growing out of control, it can destroy everything."

Katie's marriage to Pete ended after she went out clubbing with him without telling Pete – and was pictured all over a gay pal.

Katie had a close relationship with her dressage trainer

At the time, Andrew was married to his childhood sweetheart Polly who he'd been with since he was 17.

They had two children together and launched a dressage coaching business with Katie as one of their celebrity clients.

Their relationship came to an end years later.

Andrew's now happily married to his 2nd wife who gave birth to their first child in November 2018.

Katie and Peter split in 2009 after three years of marriage. She has been married two times since then to Alex Reid and Kieran Hayler.

She is currently dating Kris Boyson.

Katie's publicist said the friend's claims were "not true" when contacted by The Sun Online.

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