Piers Morgan slams Royals for grovelling apology tours Should be proud to be British!

Piers Morgan says royal tour apologies are becoming ‘irksome’

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Piers Morgan pulls no punches in his new Uncensored show, and his third instalment of the week was no different. Starting his show off with his trademark The Brain Dump, he discussed the gender pay gap in football, the cost of the living crisis and the Royal Family “constantly” apologising while on tour.

Ramping himself as his Brain Dump continued, he let loose when it came to the Royal Blush segment.

He said: “The Royals faced demands from rights groups in Canada for the family to apologise for the way indigenous people were treated during the age of Empire.”

Piers listed other recent instances where members of the Royal Family had come under fire fire for events in the past.

Referencing protests and demands while Royal members visited the Grenadines and Jamaica, he continued: “Now look, it’s beyond question that the British Empire committed atrocities by the enlightened standard of today’s modern world.

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“Just as it is beyond question that there are many things we can be ashamed of in our pasts.”

Acknowledging that Great Britain’s history was not squeaky clean, the broadcaster went on to point out what the country should be proud of and how they did not need to apologise everywhere they went.

“But there are also many reasons why we should be extremely proud to be British,” he stated.

“We are a great country that has done many great things, yet all of the good stuff is being forgotten.”

“As the Royals embark on what now seems to be an endless grovelling apology tour for the behaviour of ancestors.”

Piers was less than impressed with some of the headlines from across the globe, with the Royals not receiving a warm welcome on many of their stops.

Calling out these naysayers, he added: “Well, I’ve got an apology, and it’s this, ‘I’m sorry, but I am finding these constant apologies by the Royals increasingly irksome.'”

Piers’ direct persona and interview style have ruffled many viewers’ feathers, so his Royal comments are sure to jab at loyal Royalists.

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On Monday evening, Piers inadvertently spoke to one guest who had reached their threshold of Piers commentary live on his show.

Talking about trans rights, Piers invited trans woman and activist Jame onto his show to find out their thoughts on the matter.

Stood in front of the statue of Emmeline Pankhurst in London, their conversation soon took a turn for the worst with Jame dropping the c-bomb live on air.

While she scrambled to remove their microphone, Piers said: “I have always supported trans rights and equality.”

“That is bull***t bro,” Jame batted back.

Wanting to leave the interview as she thought it would just be “funny” Jame kept telling the show’s host to “shut up”.

Piers concluded: “This is a chance for you to present yourself and have a proper debate.

“If you have got no interest in doing that, that is fine, but I am going to say to you I have always supported trans rights to fairness and equality.”

Piers Morgan: Uncensored continues weeknights at 8pm on TalkTV.

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