Prince Williams virtue signalling Big Issue stint slammed Diana acted differently

Prince William blows goodbye kisses to Prince Louis

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Dermot O’Leary and Alison Hammond welcomed political commentators Tom Swarbrick and Natalie Pike onto Friday’s This Morning to discuss the news headlines. The Duke of Cambridge was seen helping Big Issue vendors sell copies of the magazine on Thursday but Natalie shared her sceptical view of the charity work and accused Prince William of “virtue signalling”.

Sharing her opinion, Natalie said: “I’m afraid to say this is a little bit of virtue signalling from Prince William. 

“This was an exclusive for The Sun today I’m sorry the Royal Family do do a lot of good charity work but there’s always going to be the comparisons with Princess Diana.

“What Princess Diana used to do what go out undercover at night and put coats in bins for homeless people and I think that’s the way to do rather than going out on the street and being on the front page of The Sun.”

“It’s not his fault he’s on the front page of The Sun,” Dermot defended. 

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“He doesn’t make that decision, right? He was shown the ropes by veteran vendor Dave Martin saw him interviewed last night and he said, ‘It is what it is, he just came up,’ but you just don’t buy that?” 

Natalie replied: “No not really I think he was only out there for five minutes so I think it was definitely virtue signalling.”

“Do you know that?” Dermot questioned and Natalie replied: “That’s what I’ve read maybe that’s not true.”

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