RHOA alum’s daughter shocks fans with snap after dissolving her lip fillers – The Sun

DON'T Be Tardy star Brielle Biermann is going back to basics with her lip look and has taken out her fillers.

Kim Zolciak’s daughter shared a snap of her “black n blue” lips as they recover.

The 22-year-old has been getting injections since she legally became an adult, but told fans on Instagram that for 2020, it’s a “new year new me!”

Along with the makeup-and-filler-free selfie, she wrote: “Dissolved my lips yesterday…gonna look like 18-year-old Brielle again soon.”

The Real Housewives of Atlanta alum added that her lips will be “black n blue for a few days” as they shrink in size and closer in size to how they used to be when she was younger.

As it’s been four years since she started plumping her lips, Brielle shared pre-filler throwback photos to remind fans of what she used to look like.

In one photo where she “was 16 or 17,” the reality star wrote: “I know y’all know these lips ain’t the vibe.”

She tagged another picture with just multiple facepalm emojis splashed across it, while on the third one she captioned it: “Omg we were babies”

On why Brielle originally wanted to get her lips done, she told Bravo: "I was always insecure about [my lips], especially from when I started high school.

“All my friends had beautiful, full lips. They looked so good.

“I thought to be beautiful you had to have full lips because everybody that I thought was pretty had huge lips."

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