RHOA fans SLAM Kenya Moore as a 'body-shamer' for claiming mom of three Drew Sidora 'needs to pay for a tummy tuck'

REAL Housewives of Atlanta fans slammed Kenya Moore as a "body-shamer" for claiming mom of three Drew Sidora "needs to pay for a tummy tuck."

This is the second week in a row that Kenya has made fans feel uncomfortable as she had to apologize for wearing a Native American headdress as a Halloween costume last week.

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During Sunday night's episode, the housewives ran off to New Orleans after Drew invited them along for the ride while she attended some auditions to get back into the acting world.

However, instead of handing out rooms like Kenya had done during their Charleston trip, the mom of three had the housewives compete for the best rooms by doing the best "booty-bounce."

Kenya, who had brought her daughter on the trip, refused to do it and quickly stood up, telling Drew: "You can just give me my key. I'm not gonna degrade myself for a room."

Drew, who didn't understand why Kenya was suddenly angry and refusing to participate, tried to figure out what the problem was before telling producers in a confessional interview: "What's the problem?

"Girl, you paid for that booty, bounce it!"

Kenya has expressed multiple times that she didn't surgically enhance her backside.

As the episode aired, the former beauty queen then took to Twitter to bash the singer.

Along with a picture of Drew in one of her confessional looks, Kenya shared: "She needs to pay for a tummy tuck."

Fans weren't all that impressed with Kenya mocking Drew's body after having three kids.

One fan wrote: "Let’s hope no one body shames your daughter the way you do other women."

A second one tweeted at the housewife and said: "Wow. Way to physically body shame another woman / mother. Good lead example to set on your platform."

And a third one commented: "Wow, you really out here body shaming another woman you work with."

Since the beginning of the season, Kenya and Drew have been butting headsin almost every episode.

Last week, the Kenya Moore Haircare founder was also slammed by fans and housewives alike as she wore a Native American headdress as a costume for Halloween.

Though the incident happened last year, it only aired this month.

Drew – who was dressed as a feline – told the cameras: "Kenya's Native American costume is super problematic but I'm not trying to ruffle any feathers.

"But it feels like I'm the only one who has an issue with Kenya Moore's decisions."

Porsha Williams, disgusted, also told the producers: "Kenya is a Native American warrior. I thought we weren't doing that anymore. I know this girl was crazy but add lame to the list, add whack to the list."

However, the housewives weren't the only ones who found the costume problematic as fans quickly sounded off on social media.

One fan wrote: "Kenya is too grown to not know dressing as a Native American is offensive af."

A second one shared: "Kenya Moore wearing a headdress in the year of our lord 2020. Choices."

While one user tweeted: "Kenya Moore of real housewives dressed as a Native American is the most insensitive and racist thing ever. She is just using it as a costume."

Following the backlash, Kenya went on social media to apologize for her lack of respect for the Native American culture.

"I want to sincerely apologize for inappropriately wearing the Native American headdress as a costume," she first said in her statement.

"I now realize that this was both disrespectful and insensitive and would never have done it if I had that knowledge and understanding beforehand.

"I regret it. When you know better, you do better. I am genuinely sorry."

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