RHOBH: Erika Girardi Storms Out as Kyle Richards Accuses Her of ‘Being in a Bad Mood All the Time’

Things between Erika Girardi and Kyle Richards came to a boiling point on Tuesday’s Real Housewives of Beverly Hills after Kyle accused the singer of “being in a bad mood all the time” during their trip to Provence, France.

Tension arose between the ladies at breakfast when Girardi, 47, explained she had a migraine.

During her confessional interview, she revealed, “I’m not in a good mood. I have a vicious migraine brought on by lack of sleep and bitches that want you to be offended by something you’re not offended by.”

As viewers recall, Girardi grew annoyed with Kyle, 50, and Teddi Mellencamp the night before after they questioned why she didn’t feel upset over how Lisa Rinna acted when costumed as her on-stage persona Erika Jayne at Kyle’s daughter Farrah’s Halloween party.

Lisa Rinna, dressed as Erika Jayne, flashed a middle finger at the ladies during a group photo and called out former Housewife Kim Richards for returning a stuffed bunny Rinna, 55, had given her as a present for her newborn grandson.

Following a tense breakfast on Tuesday’s episode, the ladies ventured off to a wine tour via helicopter, courtesy of Kyle.

After having over 10 glasses, the women start doing impressions of one another, which appeared to upset Erika as she said “no one is getting offended” unlike how the women reacted when Rinna wore her Erika Jayne Costume.

Girardi had also abstained from drinking due to her migraine.

“When you don’t drink, you get a little irritated with the drunks,” Girardi said in her confessional.

On the ride home, Kyle confessed to Dorit Kemsley and Mellencamp, 37, that she feels “sober Erika” is no fun.

Mellencamp seemingly agreed and accused Girardi of being a Debbie Downer.

“Sometimes it feels she’s annoyed to be hanging with us,” Kyle said.

After the ladies returned to their French chateau, they changed into formal wear for dinner.

Girardi appeared to be in much better spirits as she admitted she’s opening up more and feels she can trust the ladies in the group.

The sweet moment quickly turned sour as Mellencamp pointed out that Girardi seemed “irritated” at dinner the night before when being questioned about Rinna’s Erika Jayne costume.

Girardi admitted she was irritated “because it was making something out of nothing.”

Rinna promptly chimed in and asked Mellencamp and Kyle “why did you want Erika to feel a certain way last night.”

Mellencamp then said she just wanted Girardi  “to be honest” about how she felt.

“I didn’t feel anything other than that it was a great time,” Girardi fired back.

Kyle then questioned Girardi, saying, “You’re not going to say that when Lisa Rinna was giving the finger, you weren’t thinking ,’That’s not me.'”

Rinna then asked Kyle if she had a problem, to which she responded, “I thought it was weird.”

“What’s weird is that you care, what’s weird is that you’re pushing it, what’s weird is that you’re reaching for something,” Girardi said back.

Girardi briefly stepped out and Kyle told Rinna that “I feel she’s in a bad mood with us … all the time.”

When Girardi came back Kyle said she doesn’t feel that Girardi is having a good time with the ladies and doesn’t enjoy being with them.

Girardi refuted the claim and said it was only that day because of her migraine.

Kyle said again that she believes Girardi doesn’t have fun with them and Mellencamp agreed.

“I feel like there’s something else there,” Girardi said.

Girardi then explained she feels bullied and that Mellencamp and Kyle “are in cahoots and want me to feel a way about something that never really bothered me. So maybe I should go to bed.”

She then left dinner for good, and Kemsley, 42, and Rinna convinced Kyle to go and talk to her.

When Kyle approached Girardi in her room, she pressed her over the Halloween incident and Girardi determined it’s best for them to speak in the morning.

Rinna then went to check on Girardi.

“I’m not going to sit there and listen to this over and over again,” Girardi explained.

Meanwhile, back in California, Denise Richards and her husband Aaron Phypers go back to Malibu to find their home is intact.

However, Camille Grammer‘s home is completely burned to the ground.

“This was the first house after my divorce,” Grammer, 50, said in her confessional. “It was all mine and now that’s taken from me. It’s devastating.”

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills airs on Tuesdays (9 p.m. ET) on Bravo.

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