RHONY Leah McSweeney claims Dorinda Medley was hospitalized after cutting foot on glass broken by Sonja Morgan’s dancing – The Sun

RHONY’s Leah McSweeney revealed that Dorinda Medley was rushed to the emergency room after she cut her foot on glass broken by Sonja Morgan’s dancing.

The 37-year-old Bravo newcomer told WWHL host Andy Cohen, 52, that the injury happened at costar Ramona Singer’s wild 63rd birthday bash.

The drama-filled evening ended with Dorinda, 55, being taken to the hospital by Sonja, 56, after dancing “sexually” at the posh party.

After last night’s RHONY episode, Leah opened up to Andy about what unfolded off-camera as filming for the episode ended.

“Sonja was breaking the glass on the tray,” the executive producer said of the series veteran stepping on a mirrored glass ottoman tray.

Leah nodded and revealed: ”And the glass got in Dorinda's foot, and Sonja had to bring Dorinda to the emergency room.”

As she dropped the bombshell, Andy appeared stunned as his jaw dropped to the floor.

The reality star’s dance moves came as she let loose with cast mates Leah, Dorinda and Luann de Lesseps at Ramona’s lavish birthday party.

Leah complained she was “bored” at the elegant event and decided to spice things up.

She walked over to straddle costar Luann's lap and began grinding on top of her.

The RHONY newbie was then joined by Dorinda and Elyse Slaine as the trio gave a lap dance to the Countess.

A few feet away, Ramona watched in horror as her cast mates did their sexy dance at the elegant event.

A furious Ramona rushed over to grab Leah’s arm and yelled at her for dancing “like a stripper.”

"Ramona, don't act like I was doing that. I’m just having fun. I am not being de classe. I was joking around with them,” Leah defended.

The Housewives veteran then fired off: "I don't know if Leah knows what's happening right now, and I don't really give a s**t.

“She’s embarrassing me and I'm embarrassed for her. There are a hundred women in here. No, no, no!”

As she pulled down Leah’s dress that rode up and exposed her bare butt, Ramona told her: "You're dancing like a stripper!”

“We’re done. Shut it down,” she screamed as she stormed across the room.

Leah’s anger escalated and she then yelled back: "Ramona, calm down. I’m having fun. You're being f**king psychotic!”

Ramona is then seen talking with producers who were behind-the-scenes at the party and threatened: "I'll f—ing quit the show right now.

“I'm done. Cameras down. We're done. Stop production. We're done!”

As Ramona's anger continues to rage on, Sonja steps on the glass ottoman tray in her stiletto heels and begins showing off her own moves.

The cabaret performer – who was the only one to dismiss the party's all-black dress code – continued stomping on the tray as it broke into more pieces.

Meanwhile, Dorinda looked on in shock at the smashed glass but last night's episode did not she her getting cut by the wreckage.

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