'RHOP': Candiace Dillard on Why She Thinks It's Difficult to Cast for Their Show

The Real Housewives of Potomac star Candiace Dillard joined the cast in its third season, and some fans have called for her firing following her behavior on season 6. Sitting down with the Lip Service podcast, Dillard admitted she has no idea who, including her, will return for the upcoming season. She then explained why she considers her installment one of the most difficult to cast for in the Bravo franchise.

Candiace Dillard shares her theory of why it’s difficult to cast for ‘RHOP’

Following Monique Samuels’ exit, franchise owner Mia Thornton, introduced by OG Karen Huger, joined the main cast. During a Dec. 2021 interview with Angela Yee’s Lip Service podcast, the radio host asked Candiace Dillard if they were all returning for the upcoming season.

Dillard admitted she didn’t know what the future held, noting the network had the power to determine who gets a spot next season. The Mississippi native went on, explaining she considered her show one of the most difficult to cast for because Potomac is deemed a “political town.”

Therefore, the politicians and other government-affiliated people don’t want to expose their business on a reality show. She also claimed the men in Potomac have “dirt” they don’t want their wives discovering as they believe it will all come out once they put themselves on the show.

The former Miss United States ended by warning those interested that everything in their past would “come to light” if they signed up for the show.

Dillard joined the main cast in season 3

In April 2018, the Mississippi native became a full-time Housewife, engaged to Chris Bassett. Throughout the third season, she developed a strong friendship with Samuels, seemingly admired Huger, and couldn’t get on the same page with Ashley Darby.

The following season followed her wedding to Chris, dove deeper into her relationship with her mother, Dorothy, and began the fallout between Dillard and Samuels.

The former Miss United States felt Samuels only befriended Darby to spite her, and the two eventually got into a heated argument near the end of the season. Their tension continued to boil until it exploded at a winery, resulting in a physical altercation between the once-close friends.

After the other cast members took sides and Samuels felt unsupported by the network, she said she chose to walk away. 

She said her mother and husband reconnected following short-lived fallout

The sixth season followed Dillard’s blossoming music career and featured her music video where the cast members, excluding Darby, attended.

Her mother made comments about Bassett to several ladies at the shoot, admitting she disapproved of him serving as her manager. While it made some women uncomfortable, Thornton engaged, bothering Dillard. After the season aired, the former Miss United States admitted her mom hurt her husband’s feelings with her comments.

During the reunion, she also noted his family wasn’t happy and said she wanted an apology from her mother before they could get on good terms again. Talking to the Lip Service podcast, she explained that her mom and Bassett made up over the holidays when they had Thanksgiving together.

Dillard explained her mom didn’t call her beforehand but eventually offered an apology that her husband accepted. The Real Housewives of Potomac airs on Bravo.

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