Rhythm + Flow premiere: When is the Netflix show’s release date and time?

A new type of musical talent competition is coming and this time it will be on the streaming platform Netflix. Rhythm + Flow features a panel of hip-hop star judges, brings along special guests, and focuses on four major cities to find the best new talents.

Here are the latest details on the new show and when to catch the Rhythm + Flow premiere episodes.

What is Rhythm + Flow?

The new Netflix series Rhythm + Flow is a talent search in the same vein as popular shows like American Idol and The Voice, only different. This one features finding the next big hip-hop star out there.

The prospective artists will compete in various challenges with an interesting group of rap judges watching their every moment to see if they have what it takes. The judges include Chicago’s own Chance the Rapper, New York’s Cardi B, and T.I. from Atlanta.

On Monday (October 7), Netflix released a “Backstage Pass” to give viewers a sneak peek at the new series.

As shown in the sneak peek above, the series will involve the three aforementioned judges checking out the talent in their region with special guest stars joining them. For example, Fat Joe pops up alongside Cardi B in New York and Big Boi is on the spot with T.I. in Atlanta.

They’ll ultimately be trying to handpick the next big star in hip-hop, similar to how American Idol found musical stars such as Kelly Clarkson and Jennifer Hudson over the years.

However, the Idol folks were typically assembled at one spot together, whereas the Rhythm + Flow judges seem to be operating in their own spots of the globe. They’ll be in clubs or venues with crowds helping them decide.

It’s a unique atmosphere for this reality competition, and by the time it’s concluded, there could be a brand new star headed into the genre.

When is Rhythm + Flow available on Netflix?

The official Rhythm + Flow premiere date is set for Wednesday, October 9 on Netflix. Once it releases, viewers will be able to binge-watch the first four episodes of the series.

On Wednesday, October 13, the next three episodes will arrive. The final three episodes of the show will be available on Netflix on Wednesday, October 20.

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As far as the time of the new show’s release on Netflix, most are expecting the episodes to be there once the clock strikes 12 a.m. midnight Eastern Time. Others believe there could be a slight wait and that the episodes could drop at 12 a.m. Pacific Time (3 a.m. Eastern Time).

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