Rod Stewarts wife Penny Lancaster pulled babys head out during birth

Penny Lancaster pulled her own baby out during childbirth

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Loose Women presenter Penny Lancaster has two children with husband, rockstar Rod Stewart. After an attempted waterbirth for their first son, Alastair, she told her fellow ITV guests her experience delivering second child Aiden was a slightly more pleasant affair. 

Fellow Loose Woman Kaye Adams was stunned when Penny revealed she pulled her son out herself during his waterbirth.

“The second one was a more pleasant waterbirth,” she recalled. “And I pulled Aiden out myself.” 

Kaye asked, “Yourself?” as the other presenters let out a “wow”. 

Penny nodded and continued: “The head had come out, it had revealed itself.”

Kaye prompted: “So where were you at the time?” 

“In the water,” she confirmed. “With Rod behind me. Alistair was watching, so was Rod’s daughter Ruby and my mum was filming; it was a whole family affair.”

Thankfully, Penny was also accompanied by a doctor as well as her family, who was on hand to guide her through the tricky procedure. 

“The doctor said, ‘So, Penny, on the next contraction the baby’s shoulders will come out.’

“‘So, if you want to assist your baby, just hold him by the chin and back of the head and away you go.’”

Penny let out a “Pop!” to imitate Aiden’s birth, upon which she placed him on her chest. 

She revealed the experience was much easier than the birth of her first child with Rod, which began as a waterbirth.

“The baby’s heartbeat slowed down,” she recalled. “So I had to get out.

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“I was commanded by the doctor to push as hard as I could, otherwise if I couldn’t get it out he’d have to do a caesarean.”

Later in the show, Penny revealed she didn’t ask about husband Rod Stewart’s previous relationships when they first got together. 

“I never read his book,” she said. “And I don’t want to know the details.

“Naturally things will come out, throughout the relationship. We’ve been together for 22 years now, so, of course, I’ve learned a lot.

“But it’s not a kind of sit down, ‘right I have a list of questions and I won’t move forward until I know XYZ’. I like the natural progression.” 

However, she then joked: “I do know his number. 31. As in 31 studio albums.”

Meanwhile, Rod and Penny have been celebrating the release of the singer’s new album, The Tears of Hercules, which was released on Friday. 

Loose Women airs weekdays from 12:30pm on ITV.

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