Ryan Reynolds Blames ‘Deadpool’ Leaks for Third Movie’s Delay in ‘Unsolved Mysteries’ Spoof

Celebrating the six-year anniversary of the leaked ‘Deadpool’ test footage, the Merc with a Mouth depicter releases an ‘Unsolved Mysteries’-inspired parody trailer about the case.

AceShowbiz -Six years after the leaks of the “Deadpool” movie test footage, Ryan Reynolds is still investigating the culprit behind it, or so he claims. Marking the six-year anniversary of the leaks, the Canadian actor released on his Instagram and Twitter page on Tuesday, July 28 an “Unsolved Mysteries” parody about the case.

The video, spoofing the trailer of the popular TV series which was recently revived on Netflix, features the haunting music along with footage from the first film. The title, written in the “Unsolved Mysteries” font, reads, “Unsolved Leaks.”

In the caption, Reynolds joked that the unsolved case is the reason why “Deadpool 3” is taking so long to come. “It’s why the next #Deadpool film is taking so long. Still trying to solve this. Happy #Leakaversary,‬” he wrote.

It’s good to see that Reynolds still finds the humor in the “Deadpool 3” delay and keeps his positive spirits after “Deadpool” comic book creator Rob Liefeld has several times expressed his doubt that there will be a third movie. “You know what? There may not be another ‘Deadpool’, and I’m fine,” he said in an interview with Collider earlier this month. “Because I have to live with the fact that I had two amazing experiences, two movies I’m extremely proud of, I love knowing everybody on those movies.”

Praising the whole “Deadpool” movie’s team, Liefeld gushed, “I love Ryan (Reynolds), Josh (Brolin), Zazie (Beetz), David (Leitch), Tim Miller. All of them. The work they did was fantabulous, those movies are here to stand the test of time. You know, but in the world we live in, nothing is guaranteed. And it takes a lot to make movies. And post-quarantine, it’s weird.”

While a direct sequel might be off the cards, Liefeld hopes to see a spin-off focused on Cable, played by Josh Brolin. “Cable should have his own movie series. He can exist independent of Deadpool in a heartbeat. He has for years,” he teased. “If Deadpool’s been in like 330 comics, Cable’s been in about 520. Yes, I’ve counted…”

“In between ‘Deadpool 2‘ wrapping and opening, I got really close with Josh. And he was very excited about exploring Cable in the subsequent sequels,” he went on sharing. “The X-Force standalone movie that was, in his own words, Cable-centric.”

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