Saffron Barker’s most controversial YouTube videos ahead of her Strictly debut

Saffron Barker, who is set to be the youngest contestant in this series of Strictly Come Dancing , is no stranger to controversy.

The 19-year-old has amassed 2.1 million subscribers on YouTube, and 1.2 million followers on Instagram .

Some of her strange videos have included a challenge where Saffron only ate black-coloured foods for 24 hours.

Saffron begins the 15-minute long video, which currently has more than 840,000 views, by listing the other videos she has created where she only eats a certain colour of food, including red, pink and yellow.

She added that the video was highly requested by fans desperate to see her attempt a colour-limited diet.

"You don't really go out and see black-coloured food!" she exclaims.

Saffron then vlogs her day as she tucks into snacks including Oreos, aubergines, grapes, charcoal bread, and blackcurrant jam – "It's got a really tiny hint of purple, but this is the darkest one that I could find."

As her charcoal bread pops out of the toaster, Saffron chuckles as she realises she cannot tell if it's burnt or not.

In another video which has a whopping 5 million views, Saffron attempts the "mouth to mouth challenge" with another YouTuber, Jake Mitchell.

Dressed in Christmas onesies, the excited pair pass food between each other's mouths, trying not to laugh, and occasionally retching.

In another upload, Saffron hides in her ex-boyfriend's house in Florida.

She begins the video explaining that her ex-boyfriend Tanner lives in Florida, and that she had conspired with his parents to hide in his house and "hopefully give him the shock of his life".

She then films her ex while he is sleeping and as she tiptoes around his room whispering to the camera, popping into the cupboard to hide while he wakes up and gets dressed.

While he is in the bathroom with a towel wrapped round his waist before a shower, Saffron films him through a crack in the door, trying her best to contain her giggles.

"Oh my god, this is so risky!" she laughs.

Saffron then hangs out in Tanner's hot tub and with his parents, helping them around the house while Tanner is out.

His dad pushes Saffron in the pool to hide her when his son returns home. Tanner then walks over to the pool and asks Saffron what on earth she is doing in his pool with all her clothes on.

He then jumps into the pool with her, also fully clothed, and the two hug as the video ends. "I can't believe it" says Tanner.

Other highlights from Saffron's YouTube career include videos where she swaps diets with her seven-year-old cousin for 24 hours.

This led to Saffron scoffing waffles and syrup for breakfast, while her unimpressed little cousin Ivy eats scrambled egg made by Saffron (in the microwave).

For dinner, Ivy gets a large Nando's chicken meal while Saffron eats a tiny kid's chicken burger, and poor Ivy looks on as Saffron eats the desert she would have normally chosen.

At the end of the video Ivy calls the experience "interesting" and when Saffron asks her if she would do it all again, she replies "Errrrrrr. No". Fair enough.

Other popular videos from Saffron include her parents rating her going-out outfits, and a video where she tries on all her grandmother's clothes.

The star is rumoured to be paired with Strictly's AJ Pritchard, who fans believe accidentally let slip that they were dance partners.

Appearning on BBC's The One Show , AJ, who is the brother of Love Island's Curtis Pritchard, said "I've been in the semi-final three years in a row. As they say fourth year's a charm. Straight to the final. I’ve got so many show ideas but its never happened for me just yet.

"I think Saffron…we can make it to the final. There it is. I’ve thrown it out there."

Viewers took to Twitter to discuss whether AJ had just given the game away.

One wrote: "Why is AJ talking like he’s got Saffron and they’re gonna win?? Have I missed something?"

Another added "Saffron and aj are DEFINITELY gonna be partnered up together".

A third asked: "Do people actually think saffron will be paired with anyone other than aj?"

*Strictly Come Dancing launches on Saturday 7 September on BBC One at 7.10pm

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