Saturday Kitchen: Matt Tebbutt’s baby question shut down by Anna Haugh ‘Absolutely not!’

Saturday Kitchen: Anna Haugh discusses baby names

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The host of BBC’s Saturday Kitchen was joined by Anna, along with chef Ben Tish and special guest, singer Emma Bunton. Anna was cooking a dish for the team to try and chatting about her pregnancy when Matt probed her on baby names, which she quickly shut down.

Anna was cooking a chicken dish for Emma and Matt while chatting about what was going on in her life.

She had explained how excited she was about her pregnancy and said: “It’s everything that I wanted.”

Matt asked: “How long do you think you’ll keep working for?”

“I honestly don’t know,” Anna replied. She continued: “And my partner asks me that daily.”

“Okay, does that mean don’t ask?” Matt laughed as Anna said: “Yes!”

She added: “I’m not quite sure, I’m just listening to myself.

“I’m going to start to slow down soon but I’m really, really enjoying myself.”

“How long have you got left?” Emma asked, to which Anna said: “About seven weeks.”

She went on: “But I’m really, really enjoying myself.

“In the kitchen, and the restaurant’s buzzing – we have the nicest customers.

“I know I’ve said it before, but they’re just so friendly and you see them and they’re so well-wishing.

“It’s good for my mental health, this job. It just makes me feel good. I know it doesn’t make sense because most chefs say the opposite.

“But I think I have just been lucky in every shape and form.”

After discussing her plans with Emma a little more, Matt asked: “Have you got a selection of names?”

“Yes,” Anna said. “And they’re all Irish.” But Matt’s next question would be revealing too much Anna.

“Do you want to run them past us?” he asked, to which Emma replied: “Absolutely not.”

“You can’t do that,” Emma agreed. “Because everyone ahs an opinion and they put you off, and you’re like ‘but I love that name’.”

“People are very opinionated!” Anna answered. She explained: “I’ve gone through a few names with loved ones, and they’re like ‘no, no I don’t like that one,’ and you’re like ‘that’s my favourite one.'”

“Yes, you’re just best not to say,” Matt said. “My son didn’t have a name for about five days, actually.”

“What was it called, the baby?” Anna joked.

Saturday Kitchen airs on BBC One.

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