Second Hand for 50 Grand guest overwhelmed as she's reunited with handbag stolen from late mum

SECOND Hand for 50 Grand guest Rebecca was left in tears after a replica of a Prada bag her late mother gifted her was found.

In this week’s instalment of Channel 4’s Second Hand for 50 Grand, we got a behind-the-scenes look at the pre-owned luxury market.

Viewers saw leading firm Xupes track down second-hand, high-end goods from Cartier to Prada.

Rebecca Dransfield, from Sheffield, opened up about her cherished Prada bag her mum passed down to her.

She talked about the “sentimental value of it” because her mum passed away due to cancer.

But the bag was stolen from her when she was younger, and Rebecca got her heart broken even more when she found out the specific make of the Prada bag had been discontinued.

Rebecca told viewers that it was her “first proper bag” and that it “does mean a lot to me.”

A hopeful Rebecca was pleased when the Xupes team went and hunted for an exact match of her beloved Prada bag.

After a month passed, we saw Reece Morgan, head of handbags, arrive at Rebecca’s house with good news.

Reece admitted: "It's been the hardest thing I've had to source in a long time.”

A shocked and extremely happy Rebecca exclaimed: "Oh my God, oh wow!"

Astonished by the likeness, she said: "It's exactly the same, yeah. It's so nice. I actually love it."

"It was so good to get it and because I had spent so much time trying to find this bag, I couldn’t believe that they had actually got it.”

Pointing out his long search, Reece said: "So we actually managed to find the bag from one of our clients' collections in Singapore."

A very overwhelmed and emotional Rebecca was ecstatic by the result.

She added: "It's beautiful, I've missed it so much.”

Recalling a fond memory, Rebecca said: “It made me feel a bit emotional because Mum used to take me and Lu [Rebecca's sister] shopping.”

"But it was a really special holiday. It took me back to when I chose it with Mum.”

The Prada white shoulder bag showcased a perforated leather design originally £1,200.

But Rebecca got it second-hand for just £1000.

Second Hand for 50 Grand is available to watch on All 4.

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